Milwaukee’s frustrating defeat freed the Cubs from the burden of trying to compete in 2021

The Cubs-to borrow a quote from Dennis Green about another Chicago team a long time ago-is what we think it is. The players just let the front desk get out of trouble.

Technically speaking, of course, Wednesday’s loss to the Brewers was just a loss in 162 games.

But it does feel like a defining moment-and not great-does it? The Cubs scored seven points in the first game against the Brewers, the hot division opponent who recently seized control of NL Central. The Cubs need to stay within the shouting distance of this game. They need anything positive, really.

They lost five games in a row, including the first two games of the Milwaukee series-eliminated in the first (14-4) and eliminated in the second (2-1)-and fell behind by five games. Winemaker in the department. As you may remember, they were ahead of June 18 in the most recent game.

So the first game felt almost cathartic. At least some things are ultimately correct.

Until it is not. The Brewers scored one goal in the first game and five goals in the second game to catch up with starter Jack Alita. Although it’s not his fault, Arrieta is the symbol of the Cubs club, the contrast between what they were—what they might think they are still—and their actual situation now. Arrieta will always be a legend for the Cubs because of his outstanding Cy Young season in 2015 and his role in helping the team win the long-awaited World Series championship in 2016.

But he is 35 years old now, and he is not the same anymore. The right-hander reunited with the Cubs in the offseason, which was a short-term deal, and both sides were driven by nostalgia. After letting Jon Lester leave and traded ace Yoda Vish-part of the team’s offseason activity is not exactly trying to compete-the Cubs need someone to join the rotation, preferably what fans like to see people. Although he had a 4.75 ERA/4.83 FIP and 7.1 K/9 in his final two years with the Philadelphia team, Arrieta was the choice. In his first four full seasons (2014-17) for the Cubs, Arrieta had 2.67 ERA, 3.04 FIP and 9.1 K/9.

Failing to maintain the lead in what may be the most important game of the year and failing to continuously exceed the second game is inevitably symbolic. In 2021, Arrieta will no longer be a contender for Cy Young, just as the Cubs are not a legitimate contender for the playoffs.

The Brewers scored eight goals in the fourth game and finally won the game with a score of 15-7.

Imagine losing 8 points in a game where you used to lead by 7 points. Imagine that in a game against the team you are chasing directly on the standings, the loss is the third consecutive defeat. Now, imagine this is the sixth consecutive loss and the 12th loss in the past 16 games.

Without thinking about it, this is the last straw that crushes the camel.

Perhaps, in the long run, this is a good thing for the Cubs. Throughout the offseason, the front desk has acted like a team that has no real intention to compete for the division championship, let alone the World Series championship. They reviewed their list and considered the contract situation at hand, and decided that it would be better to try to reload a bit in the future, rather than load reinforcements for the last run with the franchise icon. Chris Bryant, Javie Baez and Anthony Rizzo all became free agents at the end of the season.

They not only shipped Darvish out and paid Lester $10 million to leave them, but they also severed contact with Kyle Schwab—— He obviously didn’t finish As Elite power batter ——The people they brought back were Arrieta style. We discussed this issue in detail at the beginning of June, We all know that one month will be defined.

The Cubs reached the top of the division in May with a score of 19-8. No matter what the offseason plan is, when they are leading or close to leading, no team can actually be a seller, right?The White Sox won the World Series championship in 2005 and became title contenders again this year, but no one really forgave them The “White Flag” transaction in 1997When Sox traded their two best starting pitchers in late July and they got closer to the Giants, although they only returned to 3 1/2 of the division, they traded for a few prospects. They ranked second, six games behind.

But now, if the club stops competing in 2021, it’s hard to see any Cubs fan feeling too frustrated.June is a disaster-another chapter of this team’s notorious June halo Reservations-They are 42-39 now, six games behind the Brewers (48-33). However, the gap between the two clubs feels much larger. Because the NL West is top-heavy, the Giants (50-29), Dodgers (49-31) and Padres (49-33) have the top three NL records. It is daunting to win a second wild card spot. .

Now, management does not have to bear the burden of increasing the chances of club competition in 2021 without disrupting the farm system. President of baseball operations Jed Hoyer no longer needs to focus on analyzing the market to find potential diamonds. These players may exceed expectations and trigger a push for the playoffs.

Hoyer and his company can focus on the long-term future of the club. In a trade market where demand exceeds supply, his team may suddenly become sellers, and people like Baez, Rizzo, and Kobe may bring back important long-term upgrades. And he can trade Craig Kimbrel, his dominance close, and he has 2022 team options. Which competitor in the World Series does not want to add him to the bullpen?

Yes, the front desk got rid of the shackles of “we must compete”. Wednesday’s disaster/crash/fall will allow the Cubs to start where they left off during the offseason. At last.

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