Josh Donaldson of the twins called Lucas Giolito a liar, and then a home run against the White Sox

Lucas Giolito hasn’t heard the last side of Josh Donaldson.

After Giolito called the Twins’ third baseman an “f-ing pest” on Tuesday, Donaldson made comments when he crossed the home plate after a home run in Minnesota’s game against the White Sox. Donaldson said, A person standing in a team between two players should avoid standing with someone he claims may use a sticky substance.

“Let’s take a look at his numbers. What does the numbers show? Yes, how much do we know about sticky substances? What does it do? How does it help? It helps rotation speed. It helps rotation speed,” Donaldson said on Wednesday Said before the game. “Guess what, Mr. Giolito: Your fastball spin speed has dropped by 200. Your curveball spin speed has dropped by 400 to 500. Your slider has dropped by 200.

“So see if we are going to talk about class-which side would you choose? Are you going to be on the side of the people participating in the game, or are you on the side that might cheat before this happens?”

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After the White Sox defeated the Twin Cities 7-6 on Tuesday to expand their lead in the American United Central Division, Giolito expressed dissatisfaction with DonaldsonWhen he crossed the home plate after a home run in the first inning, someone heard him say “no more sticky”.Donaldson bluntly opposed the pitcher for alleged use of goo, and was named Yankees star Gerrit Cole Earlier this season.

“He is a pest,” Chicago Ace said. “That’s a rude act. If you are going to say–, say– in front of me. Don’t cross the home plate or something. Come to me. Now it’s annoying. We won, and W’s is with me. Next to his name, he was last.”

Donaldson did his homework. Giolito’s rotation speed for the twins has dropped by more than 100 rpm from his season average-except for his changes According to baseball experts, Just like he did in the previous game against the Pirates on June 22.

After responding to Giolito, Donaldson homered again on Wednesday, this time against Dylan Cease. This is his 13th home run this season. Unfortunately for him, his team gave up 11 consecutive games against Chicago after home runs.

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