Andre Tourigny appoints the new head coach of the Coyotes, leaving a vacancy for Canadian ice hockey

As the Coyotes introduced Andre Tourigny to their new head coach, the Canadian Hockey Association lost one of its biggest assets on Canada Day.

“I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the Canadian Hockey Organization for the opportunity to coach and represent the Canadian team on the international stage,” Turini said in a statement provided by the Canadian Hockey Organization on Thursday. “Especially Tom Rainey, Scott Smith and Scott Salmond. They believed in me. Without their trust and support, I would not be the person and coach I am today. With some of the best It is an honour to work with people and hockey minds in this business. I am very proud and thank the Canadian Hockey Association for providing me with this privilege.”

This is a major move for the Arizona club. After four seasons and a 24-26-6 record in 2021, the club chose not to re-sign Rick Tochet in May. This is also a major move for Turini-not just to get him out of Canada’s cold winter.

The owner who served as the NHL substitute for the first time suspended his position in the OHL Ottawa 67 team and signed a one-year contract in March. Not only will he return as the head coach of the Canadian World Youth Team, but he will also serve as World champion and assistant in the men’s division of IIHF in 2022 2021 Men’s Championship (Canada won the gold medal a few weeks ago) And lead Canada to participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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Although coaching the 2022 World Youth Team in Edmonton and Red Deer, Alta, in December and January is not an option right now, for obvious reasons, Turini confirmed at the introductory press conference that if NHL rests for international events.

“At this point, for me, my focus is 100% on Yotes. I think this is a huge challenge, and this is a dream come true,” Turini, who signed a three-year contract, said Said when asked by SN. “Participating in the Olympics is also very important, but now I focus 100% of my attention on Yotes. I thank the Canadian Ice Hockey Association for everything they have done for me. They have helped me a lot and they have been very good to me, but now is the time Let me focus on my next challenge.”

The Coyote’s move created a huge loophole for the Canadians, who will have to find a new head coach for the youth team. The game started on Boxing Day in less than six months, and the Canadian Ice Hockey Association just announced a summer camp at the end of July. Although Salmond, Rennie, and other staff in Calgary, Alta Province congratulated Turini for “achieving the incredible opportunity to become an NHL head coach” and thanked him for his “significant impact”, but They will have to go back to the drawing board to find a new boss.

As for Turini, he will take everything he has learned from the national team into the desert.

“I learned a lot from Dell [Hunter], He remained calm behind the bench, and he always remained stable,” said Turini, who once worked on Hunter’s staff. Canada wins WJC gold medal in 2020“I learned from Gerald Galant (in the 2021 world) how he handles players. He always has a positive attitude towards players… You have taken part from all these people… …. I learn from everyone every time.”

Turini may not be a familiar face south of the border. In addition to his impressive international resume, which includes leading the Canadian youth team to a silver medal in 2021 (the team dominates, six consecutive victories, Before losing to the Americans 2-0 in the final) And won the silver medal as an assistant in 2010 and 2011. He became the OHL Coach of the Year twice (2018-19 and 2019-20), and won the Brian Kilrea of ​​the Year as the top boss of CHL in 2019-20. Best Coach Award.

“He paid a terrible price. He earned it,” said Coyote general manager Bill Armstrong. Turini is also an NHL assistant coach for the Avalanche team (2013-15 season) and the Senate team (2015-16 season). “He did it in a difficult way. He did it through his players and coaches in these small towns, and he did a great job in this area, and he was at the forefront. I think he is at the forefront of Canadian hockey. And everything he did there is on the map. He is of course very excited and we are very happy to bring him here.”

Speaking of small towns, Armstrong recalled the first time he saw Turini.

“Seventeen years ago, I was in a bar in Rouyn-Noranda (Quebec). This is a bar/restaurant. Because it is a small town, I was hidden in this small room. I had something to eat after the game. Seeing this man come in, the entire team from Rouyn-Noranda (Huskies) was there. He was called this big and tough coach. I watched him interact with the players for about two hours. The ability is fascinating to interact with young children while making the most of them on the ice,” Armstrong said, and later mentioned that this place is too north. “You can see Santa Claus from there.”

Turini played for the QMJHL club for 11 seasons, 10 of which led the team to the playoffs.

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Now Turini will turn his attention to the Coyotes. This is a young team with room for improvement, but also a team that may undergo major changes. There are many free agents on the list-unrestricted and restricted-including some people Turini knows, such as Adin Hill (RFA) and Michael Bunting (UFA), who are in Latvia’s gold medal world team. In addition to those familiar faces, he will see at least two other training camps in September: goalkeeper Darcy Kumper (2021 World) and forward Barrett Haydn (2021 World Junior Captain).

The actions of Arizona also increased conspiracy.Turini coached 67-year-old highly touted prospect Graeme Clark, but Arizona has no first-round pick. Will employment change?

Only time will tell what Armstrong and his new head coach will do. Currently, Turini is just getting ready to start working in what he called “probably the longest summer of my life”.

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