2021 Top 12 Coaches Ranking: Where is Steve Sarkisian of Texas?

It’s no surprise that the coach from Texas is the hardest coach in our 2021 top 12 coaching rankings.

Steve Sarkisian has returned to the ranks of head coach, having previously coached in Washington and the University of Southern California. He won the Broyles Award as Alabama’s offensive coordinator in 2020, but we will let him win this award.

Former Texas coach Tom Herman ranked in our top 25 every year for the 2015-20 season, including his last season in Houston. We will place Sarkisian at 40th in our 1-130 ranking and 5th in our Big 12 ranking.

What is the rest of the meeting like? Four coaches entered our top 25 list, including a newcomer who entered the top 10. The roster still starts with Lincoln Riley of Oklahoma, and this is what coach Sakisian needs to worry about most.

The following is an in-depth understanding of our top 12 coaches rankings (the overall record of the FBS in parentheses):

Top 12 Coaches Ranking in 2021

rank coach school width Rise PCT Overview
1 Lincoln Riley Oklahoma 45 8 .849 3
2 Matt Campbell Iowa 71 43 .623 9
3 Mike Gandy Oklahoma 137 67 .672 18
4 Gary Patterson TCU 178 74 .706 twenty two
5 Steve Sakisian Texas 46 35 .568 40
6 Neil Brown West Virginia 46 27 .630 41
7 Lance Lebold Kansas 37 33 .529 42
8 Chris Kleiman Kansas 12 11 .522 48
9 Matt Wells Texas Tech 52 48 .520 67
10 Dave Aranda Baylor 2 7 .222 72

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— Riley remains 3rd in our 1-130 ranking, and he entered the top 10 with Matt Campbell of Iowa State University. The other 12 coaches who have been in the top 10 since 2015 include Herman, Gary Patterson, Mike Gandy, Art Brills and Bill Snyder. Patterson and Gandy are the only ones still in their schools. Campbell must fulfill his high expectations for Ames in 2021.

— Speaking of Gandy and Patterson, they maintained their top 25 positions. Entering this season, they are all facing varying degrees of pressure. In fact, Gandy has a better record than Campbell in the past three seasons, but his six-game losing streak in the lunatic asylum put the Cowboys in trouble. Patterson has only 18 wins and 19 losses in the last three seasons of the Horned Frogs. The longevity of the two coaches is impressive, but there are some reliable coaches midway through the meeting.

-Will West Virginia break with Neil Brown this season? The Climbers have a 7-10 record in the Big 12 games over the past two seasons, including a 2-7 record against the top 25 teams. Brown’s work in Troy still resonates, but he is a coach that needs close attention.

— Our team really likes Lance Leipold, the new coach of Kansas State. In the past two seasons, he has won six Class III national championships and led Buffalo to two bowl titles. This is bad news. Since 2010, Kansas has a 21-108 record. Leibold faced his biggest challenge to date with the Jayhawks.

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