2021 ACC Coach Ranking: Who is the third best coach in the league?

ACC is the only Power 5 conference that has not changed coaches after the 2020 season.

The prospects of the meeting have not changed much. Dabo Swinney remains at the top of the list. He led Clemson to six consecutive ACC championships and six consecutive college football playoffs. In our 1-130 coaching rankings, Swinney has remained at No. 2 and this may not change until others win the ACC.

McBrown of North Carolina was another top 10 coach in the conference. He led an impressive two-year transition in Chapel Hill, leading to the sixth day of New Year’s Day in 2020. Tar Heels is the favorite of ACC Coastal in 2021.

Considering the parity of 3-11, it is difficult for other coaches to rank. SN tried it anyway. This is our ACC coach ranking.

The following is an in-depth understanding of our ACC coach rankings (FBS overall records in parentheses):

2021 ACC Coach Ranking

rank coach school width Rise PCT total score
1 Dub Swinney Clemson 140 33 .809 2
2 Mark Brown North Carolina 259 132 .662 10
3 Dave Doren North Carolina 78 50 .609 29
4 Manny Diaz Miami, Florida 14 10 .583 31
5 Mustang Mendenhall Virginia 129 75 .632 32
6 Scott Satterfield Louisville 63 36 .636 37
7 Dave Clausen Wake Forest 72 76 .486 43
8 David Cartercliffe Duke 118 117 .502 44
9 Pat Narducci Pittsburgh 42 34 .553 45
10 Justin font Virginia Tech 64 49 .566 51
11 Jeff Hafley Boston College 6 5 .545 52
12 Mike Nowell Florida 41 twenty one .661 65
13 Jeff Collins Georgia Institute of Technology twenty one 26 .447 69
14 Dino Barbers Syracuse 61 52 .540 76

Speed ​​Reading

— Miami’s Manny Diaz has reason to be the third-best coach in the conference, but the disastrous defeats to Clemson and North Carolina indicate that the Hurricanes are closer to the rest of the conference. In the past two seasons, Miami has a 2-3 record against the top-ranked teams, and Diaz has conducted all tests against Alabama at the beginning of the season.

— Dave Doeren has the same record as Mike Leach in the past three seasons. Imagine if the coaches at North Carolina State University spread it every other week. Wolfpack will continue to launch consistent products every year, and if they are in the ACC Coastal Division, people will see them in a different way. The rebound from the bleak 2019 season is impressive.

-If the Eagles can break the habit of around 0.500, Jeff Hafley of Boston College is a candidate to continue to rise. Since 2009, BC has not won eight games in a season.

–Florida State University’s Mike Norvell (Mike Norvell) is another second-year coach in the conference. Nowell’s three-year winning percentage ranked second, second only to Swinney, but two of those seasons were in Memphis. Norvell needs to push FSU back to relevance within the next two years.

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