Why did the player slip and fall at Wimbledon?The game is explained in the defense court statement

In the first few days, the venue for the 2021 Wimbledon Tennis Open received as much attention as the game on the court.

On Tuesday, two games on Centre Court ended early due to injury. After the French slipped in the fourth set and was unable to continue in the fifth set, Roger Federer defeated Adrian Mannarino. then, Serena Williams falls In the game against Aliaksandra Sasnovich, he had to retire in the first set due to a leg injury.

So far, these are far from the only slips and falls of Wimbledon. In the early stages of the game, the players have noticed the smoothness of the grass surface.

“To be honest, I don’t remember how many times I fell on the court,” Novak Djokovic Said after defeating Jack Draper in four sets on the first day of Wimbledon.

“It feels more slippery under the roof, I don’t know if this is intuitive,” Federer told reporters after Manarino exited on Tuesday. George Ramsey of CNN.

“You have to move very, very carefully. If you use too much force at the wrong moment, you will fall… which is obviously bad. I think its performance is not very different, but I do Move carefully.”

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Nick Kyrgios is also dissatisfied with the apparently “slow” situation.

“Guys, you watch at home, it should be fast here,” Kyrgios said. “They slowed it down. It’s not grass anymore.”

Kyrgios continued to slip in the fifth set against Ugo Humbert on Wednesday. Even though the fall looks embarrassing, he will stand up and continue the game and continue to win.

So, what are the conditions at Wimbledon and why do players slip so much? Wimbledon’s Brass explained exactly what was happening in a recent statement.

Why did the player slip and fall at Wimbledon?

Due to the recent weather at the All England Club, the players slipped and fell at Wimbledon. The first two days of the game were wetter than usual; in fact, it has been ten years since so much water gathered on and around the court in the early days of the Grand Slam.

Due to rain, the roofs of the Central Court and the First Court had to be closed for a long time. This created some extra humidity in the court, and the lush grass at the beginning of the game caused extra moisture.

Wimbledon explained all this through an official statement, but nonetheless, the main tournament claimed that officials were “satisfied” with the conditions of the tournament, according to CNN.

“The preparations for the grass pitch are exactly the same as in previous years, meticulous.

“Each grass court was inspected by the Grand Slam supervisor, referee’s office and the court team before the start of the game. During the two-week fortnight, they were satisfied with the conditions and cleared the court for the game.

“The weather conditions during the opening two days were the wettest weather we have experienced in the past ten years, which caused the roofs of Centre Court and Stadium One to close for a long time.

“This is when the herbs are at their most lush and green, which does add extra moisture to the natural surface.”

This explanation is very pertinent. Nevertheless, this will not make it easier for tennis fans to tolerate the injuries suffered by Williams and Mannarino.

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