Trevor Ball of the Dodgers under investigation for alleged assault

According to multiple reports, the Pasadena (California) Police Department is investigating allegations of assault against Dodgers pitcher Trevor Ball.

TMZ first report On Tuesday, Ball’s plaintiff obtained a temporary domestic violence restraining order in Los Angeles. The plaintiff’s lawyer, Marc Garelick, stated that this was the result of “the recent attack at the hands of Mr. Bauer” and that the plaintiff suffered “severe physical and mental pain”.

“Our goal is to prevent Mr. Bauer from contacting our customers in any way possible,” Garelik told TMZ. “We expect to initiate criminal proceedings against Mr. Bauer, and we hope that law enforcement agencies will take our customers’ allegations and cases seriously.”

Lieutenant Bill Grisaf of the Pasadena Police Department told Los Angeles Times On Tuesday, officials were investigating a woman’s allegations against Bauer; his plaintiff claimed that the incident occurred on or around May 16. Grisafe said the investigation started a few weeks ago, but declined to add any other details.

“The Times” quoted court records as reporting that at that time a woman made a restraining order against Bauer. Pasadena police has not submitted the case to the District Attorney’s Office.

Bauer’s lawyer Jon Fetterolf issued a statement in response to TMZ’s report, denying any wrongdoing by his client (Warning: clear language used):

Chelsea Janes of The Washington Post The report stated that Major League Baseball is aware of the allegations against Ball and is “investigating the matter.”Dodgers Statement on Tuesday night Said that the organization immediately contacted Major League Baseball upon learning of the allegations, adding that the league would “handle this matter.”

The statement read: “The Dodgers take any such allegations very seriously, but will not comment further at this time.”

Ball, 30, is a native of North Hollywood, California, about 21 minutes away from Pasadena, where Ball currently lives. The 2020 NL Cy Young champion has been one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball this season, with an 8-5 record and a 2.59 ERA in 17 games. He leads the National League in the number of pitched games (107 2/3) and strikeouts (137).

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