Treitner of the Nationals has held a tie record for most cycles in Major League Baseball history

Trea Turner has always been a leader in the majors, both his batting ability and speed on the basic path.

He once again combined these tools to set a record for the most times and achieved one of the rarest feats in baseball.

On Wednesday, the Nationals shortstop tripled in the sixth game against the Rays in Washington, completing the third cycle of his MLB career, placing him alongside Adrian Beltre, Babe Herman and Bob Meusel. Since 1900) MLB logo. John Riley had three cycles in the 1800s.

Turner made his first layup against the Rockies on April 25, 2017. Two seasons later, on July 23, 2019, he played against Colorado again.

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It’s not hard to see why Turner-turning 28 on Wednesday-has achieved this feat many times in his career.He is one of the fastest players in baseball Statcast takes his sprint speed At a speed of 30.7 mph, he tied him with the Diamondbacks outfielder Tim Rocastro and became the second fastest runner in the game, second only to the Padres’ Jorge Mateo ( 30.9 mph).He still has one The worst-hit area rate was 46.3%, Putting him in the 75th percentile in the game.

In every season he participated in the majors, Turner combined dangerous power-speed. In each full season, he hit at least 11 home runs and steals at least 12 bases-from 2016 to 2019, he steals at least 33 times.

In his career, he has 491 singles, 133 doubles, 31 three-pointers, 89 home runs, and 189 stolen bases.

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