Mississippi State University pitcher Preston Johnson’s reaction to giving up a home run in the College World Series is hilarious

On Tuesday, Mississippi State University pitcher Preston Johnson performed well in the second game of the University World Series Finals, throwing out five innings and giving up in the Bulldogs 13-2 victory over Vanderbilt. Two hits and strikeouts at the same time.

When Maxwell Romero of Vanderbilt University hit the center-right center with a home run and rewritten the score to 13-2, there was an obvious flaw in his spotless performance. A single shot poses no real threat to the Bulldogs’ victory — it happened with two outs at the bottom of the ninth inning — so Johnson gave himself a funny but sad reaction:

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What else can you do, right?

The next hitter Isaiah Thomas (Isaiah Thomas) was out, allowing the Bulldogs to win the series. If Johnson is still upset about giving up the game, then he can at least be relieved that his performance far surpasses the Vanderbilt bullpen, who has used 10 Bulldogs batsmen-including the top two. 8 batsmen for substitutes Christian Little and Patrick Riley. They also allowed 6 of the 13 runs in Mississippi.

The first game of Game 3 of the University World Series Finals is scheduled for Wednesday at 7pm Eastern Time in Omaha, Nebraska.

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