“It’s home!”-After England beat Germany, it looks like Jurgen Klopp celebrating at Wembley

After England defeated Germany in the European Cup in 2021 (3 million views and counts), the viral video made most of us watched it two or three times and wondered: This is actually impossible to be the main player of Liverpool. The coach stood on the shoulders of fans drinking beer and celebrating England’s victory over his home country Germany?

The double consideration is partly due to what we have seen from Klopp since Klopp arrived in Liverpool. The sociable manager is known for his outspoken and down-to-earth personality, and he has been very low-key in celebrations with Liverpool fans in the past.

It turns out that in this case, he happens to be the image of the Liverpool boss spitting anywhere.

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A video went viral on social media, in which he was filmed sipping a can of beer and yelling at Baddiel, Skinner, and the Lightning Seeds song Three Lions, Goal to see who the mysterious person might be.

Who is Jurgen Klopp of Euro 2020?

It’s not Jurgen Klopp, that’s for sure. In the morning after the victory of the Three Lions, the identity of the clone was still up in the air, and several people still insisted that it was the Red Army boss himself.

Considering the full club badge and his activities with England supporters, it is unlikely that a German would wear such clothes if he attended.

However, as to who is behind the iconic baseball cap and beard, the matter is still shrouded in mystery-although speculation points to a man who claims to be the best manager in the world.

Is anyone confused by Jurgen Klopp’s looks?

In addition to those on Wembley Avenue, blockbusters on the Internet seem to be attracted by the presence of fake Klopp, including British television during the day.

This Independent television Breakfast plan Lorraine The clip featuring journalist Jonathan Swain reported the existence of the clone, only implying that the person was a real person.

Whether this is a well-designed joke or a real misunderstanding is difficult to decipher-but if it is, they are far from the only ones who will be attracted by the presence of imposters.

Social media reacts to Klopp-like videos

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