Where is Dominic Ducham?The Canadian coach missed the first game of the Stanley Cup final due to COVID

This may not be as obvious as the lack of a player on the bench and all the space it creates, but the Canadians did not have a key component in the first game of the Stanley Cup final against the Chargers on Monday. Head coach Dominique Ducharme was absent due to the need for COVID-19 quarantine.

It was revealed on June 19 that the replacement boss tested positive for COVID-19. From the third game of the semifinal against the Golden Cavaliers, he missed every Canadian game.

“I have been vaccinated twice, the chance is really small,” Ducharm told reporters on June 20. Exposed myself. “

Ducharme was vaccinated in two doses, but was still in the two-week window before being fully vaccinated. He was only eight days away from the second jab.

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Assistant coach Luke Richardson took the top spot and led the team to a 4-2 victory over the Golden Cavaliers. Richardson played 27 games for the Chargers in the 2006-07 season. After the semifinals, Ducharm told reporters that he had been watching the game with his girlfriend. During the intermission, he chatted with the staff for a few minutes-as if he was personally present.

“We have been working together and this is what we will continue to do,” he said. “Luke, we talked about, he is a team member, no matter what challenges you face, he is the kind of teammate you want to face with you. Everyone is playing their role and working together. We What I did today was to prepare the team as we did for other series. It’s just that I do it with the players through the video.”

Ducham said he is expected to participate in the third game scheduled to be held in Montreal on Friday.

Last weekend, forward Joel Armia (Joel Armia) also just participated in the COVID-19 agreement. Amia is a forward who is usually on the fourth line, separated from the team, but was cleared on Monday.

“Joel is now flying here on a private jet,” Richardson said after the morning exercise in Tampa Bay. “He is very happy to let him join us, but we have to make all these decisions during game time because we don’t know when he will come.”

Amia glided in the warm-up match, but did not cross the line and was scratched. Montreal lost the first game 5-1. The second game is scheduled to be held on Wednesday.

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