Kyle Schwarber of the Nationals did not calculate statistics in a home run tear: “I want to play stupidly”

Kyle Schwab is creating one of the greatest power shots in Major League Baseball history.

The Nationals’ heavy hitter hit 15 home runs in the first 28 days of June. Even more impressive is that in his last 17 games, all 15 homers have scored the game. Sammy Sosa (1998) and Barry Bonds (2001) are the only other players to hit 15 home runs in 17 games.

But Schwab did not pay attention to these figures. At least he tried to ignore them.

“Honestly, I want to pretend to be stupid,” Schwab said, every Jessica Camerato of“This is the best way to describe it-keep going up and go all out. Don’t remember the past, live in the present….I think this is the most important thing, is to go there and have a A short memory.”

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Even so, Schwab must have difficulty covering up the noise. It seems that he is creating some kind of new logo every night. On Monday night, he joined Frank Howard and became the only player in Major League Baseball history to hit 11 home runs in nine games. Since July 12, when he hit his 14th home run, he hit as many or more long balls as 10 major league baseball teams.

In addition, Schwab hit seven home runs in the last 13 hits against the Mets.

“We tried everything,” Mets manager Luis Rojas said. “We let him go on, off, off, on. We are pinball. …This guy is waving a hot rod. He has not only done this to us. We are also watching his wonderful performance against other teams. .”

Schwab hopes that his good fortune with the bats will continue to Washington’s series against the Rays, which will begin on Tuesday night. With two days left in June, he set a single-month home run record in June 1998 to tie Sousa with 20 points and five home runs behind.

It is no easy task to hit five homers in two games. But if anyone can do it, it’s Schwab.

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