Rank all “Danger!” Guest host: How high are Aaron Rodgers and Ken Jennings ranked?

Since “Danger!” lost long-term beloved host Alex Trebek in the fight against pancreatic cancer last year, the most popular Q&A show in the United States has entered a series of celebrity guest hosts, thousands of dollars It will be donated to the charity of their choice-contestants matching the prize money.

Before appointing Trebek’s permanent replacement before the 38th season in September, 16 hosts will be on the legendary podium in seven months and will air a total of 160 new episodes. With 10 drops and 6 drops (in order: Dr. Sanjay Gupta, George Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts, Leval Burton, David Faber, and Joe Buck), Here is how the sports news ranks them, from worst to best, as they all work hard to pay tribute to the late great Trebek:

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10. Dr. Mohamed Oz

10 performances, March 22nd to April 2nd

Advantage: Experience and passion. Oz is a frequent visitor to this own TV and radio show. So there is no comfort problem in front of the camera. He has a natural passion for the game and has shown his dizziness in every episode of him.

weakness. Delivery and wording. For those who don’t like his medical program, they should know that Oz’s speech is a bit ubiquitous. This may be good when talking about certain bodily functions, but it does not translate well into a test master.

Bottom line: Trebek once hosted a show called “Odds Guide”. The good doctor did not provide a valuable sequel.

9. Savannah Guthrie

10 performances, June 14th to June 25th

Advantage: Ingenuity. Guthrie has a law degree from Georgetown University. She is smart and cheerful. It turns out that she is very enthusiastic about the contestants and provides a warm space for super smart people.

weakness: Sound and flow. Guthrie has a good conversational tone in the morning news reading and chatting on the “Today Show”. The same power leads to some instability in getting answers and providing correct questions. Flavored text often slows down her game rhythm.

Bottom line: Guthrie passed a short-term job, but she shouldn’t consider quitting today’s job.

8. Bill Whitaker

10 performances, May 3 to May 14

Advantage: Experience and versatility. Whitaker is a veteran of CBS journalism and the public’s least-known choice. But he expressed his love for the game and respect for Trebek from the podium.

weakness: Rhythm and slowness. Whitaker’s contestants often fail to pass the entire board. His news reading style with answers does not allow the usual quick response. He was also subdued and did not show any of Trebek’s charm.

Bottom line: Whitaker offers another powerful case for broadcast journalists, not for the full-time transition to education and entertainment.

7. Buzz Cohen

10 performances, May 17 to May 28 (Championship)

Advantage: Knowledge and connectivity. Buzzy and anyone know what happened behind the buzzer because he won the championship as a participant. His glasses-like costumes allow him to blend TV style with another way related to player geek fashion.

weakness: Lack of experience and more lack of experience. Although Cohen didn’t have any real tension, it was clear that he was a bit out of place in the competition.

Bottom line: Cohen performed well in the field of players behind Ken Jennings, because other top players such as Brad Rutter and James Holzhall will not be so smooth on the other side of the podium. But Buzzy is best only as a short-term guest.

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6. Anderson Cooper

10 performances, from April 19th to April 30th

Advantage: Order and deliver. Cooper had previously had experience in the celebrity version of the “Mole” reality show game, and it proved interesting in his New Year’s Eve show with Andy Cohen. As a long-term figure of CNN, his voice, wisdom and elegance are the main assets that most viewers are familiar with Trebek.

weakness: Inconsistent and inaccurate. Cooper handled most of the clues and performed well in the introduction and interview parts of the game. But the biggest surprise was some of his mistakes in disseminating the source material.

Bottom line: Cooper’s speech is reliable for what the show needs, but his overall performance is not smooth enough to stand out as he should be.

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5. Katie Couric

10 performances, March 8 to March 19

Advantage: Disposal and distribution. There is no doubt that Couric combines all the best elements of Guthrie, Whitaker, and Cooper to be the best among news figures. Her positive energy was passed on to the contestants. She is good at reading clues in appropriate words.

weakness: More substance, less style. The reason Trebek is so good is that he can combine the attitude of the professor with outright stupidity (including self-deprecating) when needed. He is serious about the game and doesn’t take it too seriously. Couric can handle the game well, but lacks an irreplaceable talent.

Bottom line: Couric will be a good choice for permanence, but the show should be a bit more in delivering Trebek’s mantle.

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4. Aaron Rogers

10 games: April 5th to April 16th

Advantage: Preparation and enthusiasm. Rogers was ready to participate in the show from the beginning. Just as he might learn for a game as the NFL MVP quarterback of the Packers, it was obvious that he watched a lot of what Trebek did, and he posted on the podium full of tips that helped him succeed. It can be seen that Rogers held a grand game, and the players are bored with it. Once he feels comfortable, his dry humor and personality shine through.

weakness: lack of experience. Rogers seems to have a bright future on TV, with Michael Strahan, Peyton Manning and other famous NFL players. But Rodgers’s first performance like this was difficult, first of all his nerves and the competitive pressure he put on himself, because he wanted to be the best in Trebek’s mind. However, by the end of the second week, Rogers found his true rhythm.

Bottom line: The appearance of Rogers increased the attention to Trebek’s shows and ratings. He attracted hardcore audiences and casual audiences. If he is the choice, regardless of whether it is suitable for his QB job, there will be more excitement than disapproval.

more: Aaron Rogers passed the “Danger!” test, but is he ready to be full-time?

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3. Mayim Bialik

10 games: May 31 to June 11

Advantage: Smart and style. As Bialik said in the show, “Danger!” This is a perfect opportunity to combine her image as a neuroscientist professor with her speech skills as an actor. Although the modern young audience is most familiar with Amy Farrah Folwer in “The Big Bang Theory”, Bialik’s high-level screen experience can be traced back to when she was 12 years old when she was on the “Beach” Played the young version of Betty Midler (Bette Midler). Bialik’s changing wardrobe, including her glasses, took Cohen’s nerdy temperament to another level. Smile or laugh when hosting, bringing warmth to the contestants and the audience.

weakness: irregular. For “Danger!” diehards (such as the author of this article), Biaylik’s weirdness and speeches are very attractive after Trebek. More ordinary viewers may not like the nerd she is so proud of, which is sad for them.

Bottom line: Borrowing the underrated theme song “Blossom” sung by the late New Orleans legend Dr. John, in my “opinions”, Bialik behind the podium is indeed sunny. In terms of the real celebrities who have hosted the show so far, Bialik has the least advantage over Rodgers.

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2. Mike Richards

10 sessions: February 22 to March 5

Advantage: Experience and insider. Richards has a rare background. Before becoming a shrewd executive producer of “Danger!”, he served as a powerful host on various shows from “Beauty and Geek” to “Pyramid.” He knows the game well and knows exactly how Trebek wants this tradition to continue. He has behind-the-scenes knowledge of how to read answers. He also naturally joked with the players.

weakness: Star power is limited. Many people who haven’t watched the show he hosted before don’t know Richards. But he won his ordinary name with an excellent all-around game.

Bottom line: Richards’ run may be a bit lost among celebrities. He is unlikely to change the Emmy-winning role in the show, but no matter who takes over the podium for a long time, he will continue to do better.

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1. Ken Jennings

30 performances: January 11 to February 19

Advantage: Professional knowledge and wisdom. Before hosting the first 30 episodes after Trebek, Jennings won 74 games in the regular version of the show, after which he appeared in tournaments and all-stars several times. In trivia scenes, he has always been a leading figure, including the “Kennections” puzzle he made for “Dental Floss”. And “Danger!” Enter “The Chase” to restart. Jennings perfectly combines a cute nerd with just the right amount of self-confidence, something Trebek also has.

weakness: Lack of polishing. Jennings, because he is not a TV host, actor or news reporter, has grown into a force in front of the camera. As a small knock on the door, it was obvious that he was not as refined as the industry veterans who served as guests.

Bottom line: The first one is the best, and it should be the last one (for now). Jennings should be considered the well-deserved front-runner of the permanent host, and Richards has a great say in the choice.

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