Conn Smythe Trophy strength ranking, 2021 odds: Carey Price and Brayden Point are among the top five candidates for NHL playoff MVP

The weather is heating up, and the “coolest game on earth” is heating up. The 2021 Stanley Cup final is finally here.

After 56 sprints and three high-intensity playoff hockey games, the NHL ranks among the last two teams: the defending champion Chargers and the NHL’s most watched team Canadians.

Although the mentality of team supremacy has always been a key factor in the success of the playoffs, there are also a few players who have made it to the top of the coveted Conn Smythe trophy, which was awarded the best player in the playoffs. Will this be the year we see the trophy being handed over to the losing team? Or will anyone skate with not one, but two trophies in July?

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Sports News ranked the top five MVP candidates who entered the Stanley Cup final:

2021 Conn Smythe Power Ranking

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5. Philip Danot, Canadian

You may wonder how he got here. Although he has only 3 assists in 17 games, Dannuo has become an indispensable role for the Canadians to achieve this. The Quebec center and teammate Brendan Gallagher shut down the opposition’s top players: Mitch Manner of the Maple Leafs and 2021 Rockets Richard Cup winner Auston Matthews in In the first round, the Jets’ Nikola Ehlers and Kyle Conner entered the finals with Golden Knights’ Max Pacioretty and Mark Stone in the semifinals. When facing Danault and the crew in 56 games or less in the regular season, all six of them scored more than 20 goals.

In addition, he prepared pizza for the post-match press conference, so he is also very popular.

Stanley Cup Finals: Predictions, schedule and odds for the Chargers vs. Canadians

4. Nikita Kucherov, Lightning

Kucherov missed the entire regular season recovering from hip surgery, and although he did not play a game between the end of September and May, he has returned with his best scoring status. In 18 games, he accumulated 5 goals and 27 points-17 of which came from a strong offense.

3. Braden Point, Lightning

It is difficult to choose the No. 2 player between Pointe and Kucherov, but the Calgary native’s three-game winner pushed him to surpass his teammates. Just like last season’s Cup, Point has changed the rules of the Bolts game. He scored 33 points (14 goals, 19 assists) in 23 games last season. This season he has scored 14 goals and contributed 6 assists in just 18 games. He tickled the twine in nine consecutive games-one of which was behind Reggie Ritchie’s record-and scored all but five games in this playoff game.

2. Andrei Vasilevsky, Lightning

Vasilevsky once again created an amazing playoff performance: he scored 0.936 saves and 1.99 goals in 18 starts-average points. In 5v5, his save rate rose to 0.939. His NHL best goal is above average (4.85) and high-density GSAA (5.55), Based on natural statistical techniquesThe 26-year-old player will become the 2021 Vezina trophy and become the league’s best regular-season goalkeeper. He has been eliminated in every series of games, including Beat the Islanders in Game 7 Reach the ultimate series.

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1. Carey Price, Canadian

If the Canadians can beat the star-studded Chargers in the Stanley Cup final, it is all because of Price. With a calm presence between the pipes, he once again improved his performance in the playoffs. Netminder performed well in goal difference, his save rate was 0.934, the average number of goals was 2.02, and he was eliminated.

Although understaffed, he only scored three goals in 63 shots (with a save rate of 0.952). Two of them are from high-risk locations. Even if the Canadians cannot succeed, Price is likely to become the sixth player to win the losing team, joining Roger Crozelle (Red Wings, 1966), Glen Hall (Blue Army, 1968), Rich (Flyers, 1976), Ron Hextall (Flyers, 1987) and Jean-Sebastien Giguere (Mighty Ducks, 2003).

2021 Conn Smythe odds

player team Odds
Andrei Vasilevsky lightning +135
Carey Price Canadian +195
Nikita Kucherov lightning +300
Braden point lightning +400
Victor Herdman lightning +5000
Cole Caulfield Canadian +5000
Steven Stamkos lightning +6000
Nick Suzuki Canadian +6000
Taylor Tofley Canadian +6000
Corey Perry Canadian +7500
Alex Killorne lightning +10000
Brendan Gallagher Canadian +12500

Odds and courtesy as of June 28

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