Suspected racial discrimination against MLS players: Updates on events in Portland and Minnesota

It is alleged that Portland Timbers midfielder Diego Chara was racist by a Minnesota United player in a recent game. Chara’s head coach, Giovanni Savarese, disclosed the incident, but did not specify the players or specific comments that were suspected of violating the rules.

The incident occurred in the second half of the Week 10 MLS game held in Providence Park, Portland, Oregon on June 26. MNUFC won 1-0.

The next day, MLS announced that it would conduct an investigation:

What happened in Portland?

The match broadcast showed that Chara pointed at a player in Minnesota in the 64th minute. The broadcaster stated that Chara had a conversation with referee Rosendo Mendoza. This video also shows Chara communicating with Franco Fragapane of MNUFC.

Mendoza began to negotiate with other officials, and then huddled with the captain and Chala. Fragapane tried to join the conversation, but was waved in greeting by his captain.

The game restarted three minutes after the suspension.

What did you say after the game

Zavarez made a statement about the 64th minute incident at the press conference after the game.

“I am very, very disappointed that at this time we still have to deal with situations that should not happen again in any sport or anywhere-this is unacceptable. In this game, there is a situation that has to be racism. Under the circumstances, the discriminatory words spoken to one of our players, anywhere, in any situation, in any sport, there is nowhere to go.

“So I am very disappointed, at this time we still have to deal with these situations in the game. The referee should handle this situation in a better way. We all support Diego Chara, but what happened to him today, tell him The discriminatory remarks shouldn’t be anywhere at this time. I’m very disappointed and didn’t take as serious as I should be. The whole team, myself, the whole team, myself, and the whole team, as it happened on the court today, was organized with Diego Chara. Together.”

Sao paulo Herald Report Minnesota coach Adrian Heath was not asked about this during the post-game press conference.The club issued a statement to the Vanguard, stating that Heath “conducted conversations with the players and [the player] Said that he said nothing. “

How the past events were handled

There have been incidents of racial discrimination between players in top football matches in the past, and disciplinary procedures have led to different results.

Slavia Prague’s Czech defender Andrey Kudla was banned for 10 games by the European football governing body UEFA for his “racist behavior” against Glasgow Rangers player Glen Camara. After the Europa League match, he was banned for three games for aggression after the match. These bans are limited to continental European competitions.

La Liga, the top league of Spain, No supporting evidence found Muktar Diahabi of Valencia claimed that Juancara of Cadiz racially discriminated against him in April. The survey also involved lip-reading experts. At the time of the incident, Diahabi’s Valencia teammates left the field with him, and returned to the court without him 20 minutes later to complete the game.

Last year, in the UEFA Champions League game between Paris Saint-Germain and Istanbul Basaksehir in December 2020, players from both teams left the stadium, but that incident was different.A member of the Istanbul coaching staff claimed a member of the refereeing staff Call him “the man in black”. The game restarted a day later, and a new group of officials and UEFA suspended him for “misconduct” and ordered him to “participate in an education program.”

United States Football Association Found insufficient evidence After investigating an opposing player’s alleged racial abuse of the then LAFC forward Adama Diormande. The game in question was the July 2018 U.S. Open Cup quarter-final between the LAFC and the Portland Timbers. The game went through a full game, and LAFC won 3-2.

LA Galaxy II is the reserve team of the Los Angeles Galaxy. It played in the USL second league. Omar Ontiveros was released in September last year. He was found to have racially slandered a black player on San Diego Loyal. He was also suspended for six games by USL. The game ended in a 1-1 draw, but after the San Diego coaching staff learned of the post-match incident, the organization confiscated the points earned in the draw.

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