Hector San Diego of the Mariners becomes the first Major League Baseball pitcher to be expelled under the new foreign object inspection rules

For the first time, the new regulations of Major League Baseball on foreign objects have spotted a criminal: Sailor pitcher Hector San Diego.

San Diego was inspected for foreign objects in the fifth game against the White Sox in Seattle and was expelled by home run referee Phil Cuzzi. After San Diego left the field, the referee kept his gloves as evidence.

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Mariners manager Scott Servez claimed after the game that the substance on San Diego’s gloves was rosin. This is part of the reason why San Diego’s gloves were taken away. It is being sent for analysis.

Santiago pitched 2 1/3 innings before being expelled. He allowed one run and hit four points in three hits.

After San Diego was expelled, the Mariners may now have no San Diego for a long time, because according to the revised foreign matter rules implemented by Major League Baseball on June 21, players found to use foreign matter will be suspended for 10 games. Seattle will not be able to replace San Diego if he is actually guilty of using foreign substances, then the roster.

The 33-year-old San Diego has played for Major League Baseball since 2011 and has played for six different organizations. The veteran has a 2.65 ERA in 17 games this season. In his first season with the Mariners, he hit 23 strikeouts in 9 games.

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