Harrington bluntly said Bolger claimed drug cheating in Irish racing | Motorsports News

The famous Irish horse trainer Jessica Harrington expressed her sadness because the public may think that horses were drugged in Irish horse racing.

Harrington is one of the greatest figures in Irish history under these two regulations, and she also called for “very, very severe” punishment if any of her colleagues are found drugging the horse.

While talking to Ruby Walsh on RTE Racing, the coach who won the Classics and Cheltenham Gold Cup was responding to Jim Bolger’s claim this month that he would find “Lance Armstrong” in Irish racing. “(Lance Armstrong).

Top Flat trainer Bolger has been invited to confirm his claims with officials from the Irish Horse Racing and Irish Horse Racing Regulatory Commission at a parliamentary hearing early next month.

Harrington said: “People think that the horse is drugged and the trainer drugged the horse, which makes me feel sad.

“In my case, if they are doing this, catch them and punish them very, very severely-because they are destroying the rest of our movement.

“Every time any horse trainer has a winner, there are people now wondering,’Does that horse have drugs?’.”

Harrington of County Kildare said she welcomes the authorities to test all the horses in her care.

“If I have a winner, people may ask,’Is there any drugs?’-but I will not give my horse drugs. I have been training for 35 years and I have always been straightforward and honest. If they want to come, this It is an open book to test here.

“I think testing is very important and maybe more should be done-but every winner in Ireland is tested and there is a certain number of random tests.

“Because I am a licensed trainer, they can enter my yard for testing and search the yard at any time.

“I hope there is no (Irish racing problem)-but in every sport, there are people who take drugs and try to improve the system.

“All I can do is put my hand on my heart and say’I don’t do this’.

“They are testing with high standards.’Is it high enough?’-I don’t know, it depends on whether the regulators here meet high standards.”

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