Denmark vs. Wales: time, TV, live broadcast, odds, predictions for the 16 rounds of the European Cup in 2021

The Danish team captured the hearts of every neutral player in the 2021 European Cup. If the Danish dream of going deep into the tournament continues, the Danes will need to beat the darling of the 2016 European Cup Wales. This is another surprise on the big stage. .

Although Wales advanced to second place in the group before Switzerland and Turkey, it has exceeded expectations, but Denmark is the team that many people regard as a dark horse draft before the game.

With the Netherlands or the Czech Republic waiting for the next round, a team that advances to the semi-finals will be a real threat.

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How to watch Wales vs. Denmark

  • date: Saturday, June 26
  • time: 12 a.m. EST
  • TV: ESPN
  • stream media: Fubo TV, ESPN app, PrendeTV

ESPN will broadcast the game and the network can be streamed fuboTV (7-day free trial).

The game is also available in Spanish via Univision’s PrendeTV app.

Denmark plays for Eriksson

The game against Wales will be Denmark’s first away game in the 2021 European Cup. In the team’s first game, star player Christian Eriksson survived a cardiac arrest. There is no doubt that the mood of Parken Stadium and the entire stadium is incredible in this country from Group B in Denmark. Played a role in the reversal.

There is only 385 miles between Copenhagen and Amsterdam, where Amsterdam will play 16 rounds, and the travel restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic are conducive to a strong presence in Denmark, where Danish fans can transform the Cruyff Arena into another park . But how much of the emotional roller coaster experienced in the past two weeks has exhausted players? Or, is the inspiration to play for their absent teammates still strong enough to elevate them to the same performance as seeing them beat Russia 4-1?

“I think 99% of people in the world will support Denmark,” admitted Welsh defender Connor Roberts.

Will Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey appear?

Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey have not met the standards of the club season by their previous standards, and few people think they will become the differentiated producers they have proved in the first two group games.

In this game, Bell participated in all of Wales’ best offensive moves. His connection and understanding with long-time Welsh teammate Ramsey made him a dangerous combination for Turkey, and Denmark will obviously focus on this combination.

Wales vs. Denmark odds and predictions

Although the results of each match in the group stage were not satisfactory, Denmark was arguably the better team in all three matches, winning the xG battle every time. It currently ranks 4th in expected goals in the European Cup (xG of 5.9) and 7th in expected goals against matches (xGA of 2.6/FBref).

Wales has hardly created that much (each FBref 3.8 xG and 4.5 xGA), and it is difficult for them to impose themselves on better teams such as Switzerland and Italy’s reserves. In addition to Bell’s magic, another dangerous offensive threat for Wales will come from the 6-foot-5 power forward Kiefer Moore. But Denmark’s tall and experienced central defender should prove to be a game. Taking the lead in transition or set-piece goals is what the Welshman hoped, otherwise the game should have been conservative.

The Danes have outstanding players in the top European leagues all over the court, making them the most popular long-range pick in this tournament. This is why they are expected to beat the Welsh team. Although they have the most talented players in Bell, the quality of the team’s personnel is not the same.

prophecy: Denmark 2, Wales 1

Odds provided by DraftKings

  • Wales wins (90 minutes): +430
  • Wales advances: +210
  • painting: +230
  • Denmark wins (90 minutes): -122
  • Denmark advances: -286
  • The total number of goals exceeds 2.5: +170
  • Denmark Asian Handicap -0.75: +112

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