Aaron Nola of the Phillies tied the record for consecutive strikeouts in New York

Phillies right-hander Aaron Nola tied the MLB record for the Mets legend in Friday’s game against the Mets, and is about the same as the record 51 years ago.

Nora played 10 consecutive New York batsmen against Tom Sever in the first doubles match at Citi Field, who played against the Padres at Shea Stadium on April 22, 1970.

Now covering historical coincidences, here is a summary of all 10 Nora Ks: The game started with three batsmen and continued to the bottom of the fourth game. It was booked by the same batsman, Michael Confort. Nora was only one blow away from the record, but Pete Alonso poked a double under the right field line.

In seven games, Nora struck out 12 times in 5 1/3 innings. He did not run and hit twice, and left with a 1-0 lead. He scored a double play in the fifth game. However, after the Mets tied the score to the seventh inning, he finally made no decision. The New York team won 2-1 in eight innings.

(This led to another Sever partner: Sever won his game 2-1.)

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“I think when Alonso got up, I kind of knew because (the fans) were chanting,’Let’s go, Pete.’ So I kind of knew what happened,” Nora Tell reporters on the Zoom phone call between games“That’s so cool. It’s so cool to be in a category with Tom.”

It started with Nora’s strong reaction to his last outing: on June 19, he won 6 points in the Giants’ 2 1/3 innings. In fact, Nora has been there for more than a month. Including Friday’s game, his ERA in the past nine games was 4.98.

After Phils’ bullpen failed to maintain the lead, Nora fell from a high to a low on Friday. This means that he cannot celebrate what he did on the surface.

“It’s hard,” he said. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer“I mean, yes, this is a cool achievement. But in my opinion, winning is cooler. This is a difficult task.”

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