U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials Results: Tracking the U.S. Women’s and Men’s Teams in 2021

Simone Biles will continue to be the gold standard for the American team’s gymnastics, but apart from her, there are many new faces in this year’s Olympic qualifiers. Therefore, the battle for the Olympic Games has begun.

The Olympic gymnastics team has shrunk this year. The team usually consists of five athletes, but this year each team will have only four. In other words, the United States has won the right to bring in some additional personal experts (two on the women’s side and one on the men’s side) through other international competitions, so there are still some other places to compete for.

Individuals will compete on behalf of their own country, but will not participate in team competitions.

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Outside of Byers, Jordan Chilis and Jed Carey are making noise, and they can take a place in the Olympic team with their outstanding performance. For men, all four qualifiers will be selected based on their performance in trials and trials. Only Sam Mikulak returned from the 2016 Men’s Olympic Team.

The US women’s team has won gold medals in the past two Olympics, and the men’s team is expected to win medals for the first time since winning the bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics.

Sports News will track all U.S. Olympic gymnastics qualifiers within a week.

How to qualify for gymnastics for the 2021 Olympics

For the men’s team, the Olympic qualification is very simple. The top athletes in the 2021 American Gymnastics Trials will get the places for the Olympic team. The 2021 Tokyo Olympics men’s team has 4 places, and based on their performance in international competitions, they won an additional individual place.

For the women’s team, things are a bit complicated. The American roster has four team matches and two additional individual places. Therefore, they will be able to bring six gymnasts to Tokyo. The top two all-rounders in the 2021 Olympic trials will automatically qualify for the four-man team. The other two places will be selected by the committee. These gymnasts are not eligible to participate in team competitions.

Unless she enters the quartet, one of the team’s two individual quotas may belong to Kylie, who has reached the qualification criteria for the Olympic quota through the International Gymnastics Federation. Other individual quotas will be selected by the committee.

Who will be on the US Olympic gymnastics team in 2021?

This part will update the complete roster of men’s and women’s gymnastics after the finals on Saturday and Sunday.

Results of the 2021 Olympic Gymnastics Trials


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