Tyler Herro, Heat, Marlins, and Dolphins provide help and resources after the collapse of the Florida building

After a building collapsed in Surfside, Florida on Thursday, professional sports teams in the Miami area quickly provided assistance.

At 1:30 am Eastern Time, part of the 12-story apartment building collapsed.According to reports, three people died and the search is underway ABC News.

Heat guard Taylor Herro and assistant coaches Chris Quinn and Eric Glass went to the scene to help.

according to ESPNThree employees of the Heat “helped a truck be filled with water, food and other necessities.” In addition, the Heat also arranged food trucks to provide food for rescuers and volunteers.

Marlins tweeted from their official social media accounts that they are sending food and supplies to rescuers, displaced residents and family members affected by the collapse.

The Dolphin team delivers meals to volunteers and first responders through their food relief program.

The Panthers tweeted about the crash, calling the situation “destructive” and expressing support to those affected.

The search for survivors is in progress. According to reports, 99 people were missing on Thursday night. Miami TV WSVN.

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