Cole Caulfield of the Canadians continued to score goals in the 6th game

He is a shooter. A person who wants ice hockey and is ready to bury it.This is how Tony Granato described Col Caulfield April Sports News, About 90 minutes before his NHL debut.

Fast forward two months and a child from Wisconsin won the 2021 Hobby Baker Award in Wisconsin played for Granato and scored his fourth playoff goal, giving Montreal a 2-1 lead in the second quarter.

The small winger (his 5-7) defeated the Golden Cavaliers defender Braden McNabb (6-4) and surpassed Robin Lehner.

Considering that on Sunday, Reiner revealed that “he will either play high or play five holes” as the scout had mentioned, this is an amazing goal. In that game, in a 2-2 winning streak in the 2-1 overtime game in Las Vegas, Reiner stopped Caulfield in the third quarter breakthrough because he tried to play five holes. Reiner also stopped him in the third quarter of the 6th game with less than 5 minutes left and tied the score. Due to pressure from Shea Theodore, Caufield tried to play five holes again.

This is what made his goal on Thursday even more wonderful-Leiner knew but still couldn’t stop it.After all, as Caulfield said after the slip The Canadians have the 15th overall pick in the 2019 draft: “What I bring is the offense, and my shooting may be the best part of my game.”

of course.

Kids who also won​​ World Youth Championship Gold Medal In January, the United States has swept the NHL. After scoring 4 goals and 5 points in 10 regular season games, he started the playoffs at a press conference. After playing two games in a suit, he returned to the lineup and has been a force ever since. The 20-year-old winger entered the series with 4 assists-3 of which were major-and scored 4 goals in the semifinals alone. His sixth game score allowed him to score in a back-to-back match.

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