Three defensive ways Treyang defeated the Bucks in the Hawks’ first game

Tre Young has proven that he is ready for the NBA playoffs. The first game of the Eastern Conference Finals was just the latest test that the Eagle star passed with his outstanding performance.

In the first game of Atlanta’s 116-113 victory over Milwaukee on Wednesday night, Young scored a playoff career-high 48 points and provided 11 assists. The 22-year-old player scored or assisted in 72 of the Hawks’ 116 points, including 14 of their final 16 points in the game. According to ESPN statistics and information.

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The Bucks did not provide much resistance in the first half because Yang made 11 of the first 16 shots. An important reason for Young’s offensive success is that Milwaukee’s blockbuster plan allows him to reach the position most suitable for him to operate.

Let’s take a look at three ways Young used Mike Budenholzer’s defensive methods:

Fall into floating objects

Yang leads the NBA this season In the floaters made and tried, And he realized early in the first game that one of his favorite shots would always be available to him. Less than a minute from the beginning of the first quarter, Young got a draft pick from Clint Capela and drove an undisputed float along the fairway. Brook Lopez just kept dropping so much that he was almost below the rim.

Lopez started to be a little higher on the screen later in the section, but when Yang penetrated into the paint zone, he was still too far behind. Young put Jrue Holiday in jail, keeping the member of the first defensive team on his hips and creating enough space for another floater.

One more time. Once again, Lopez gave Young too much space, and Jeff Teague was not even on the court.


On Wednesday, Yang made only 4 of 13 three-pointers, but it seems that he can participate in his pull-ups anytime. In this possession in the second quarter, Young lost Teague in the pick and roll, and Lopez was below the free throw line, which was an easy chance to catch fire.

When the Hawks entered a double-resistance setting late in the first half, the Bucks still let Giannis Antetokounmpo drop and rely on Pat Connaughton to recover. Unfortunately for Milwaukee, Yang stopped, Connaughton flew over, and Yang launched from within the arc.

So what happened when Antetokounmpo switched? The Hawks had another pick and roll with Lopez. No one is seen. . . Whizzing.

Serve teammates

In the following play, Holiday does a good job of guiding the screening action and hunting down Young. Lopez also used his size at the basket to stop floaters. But Yang is such an excellent organizer that any effort is irrelevant. He drew two guards and passed the ball to Capela for a dunk.

Then there is the gameplay. In the pick-and-roll with John Collins, Young absorbed Holiday and Bobby Portis, then threw the ball off the backboard and won Collins’ wild Grand Slam. There is no doubt-this is intentional.

Milwaukee mixed more conversions at the end of the first game, and Budenholzer may have to rely on his more easily converted small ball lineup to move forward. Lopez scored a negative 14 in 20 minutes, and many of Young’s cleanest appearances came from 7-foot shots.

However, this may create more rebounding opportunities for Atlanta. After Antetokounmpo replaced Yang, Capela produced a huge offensive rebound in the last few seconds to give the Eagles a three-point lead.

The simple fact is that Yang is such a talented offensive player and the Bucks have no simple solution. They will have to confuse things to slow him down.

“I’ve seen almost all the defenses,” Yang said After the first game. “It’s really just figuring out what kind of defense they showed that night… For me, it’s just trying to make the correct reading and figure out how they will defend.”

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