The Clippers’ DeMarcus Cousins ​​was assessed for technical fouls by the NBA the day after the two Suns were overthrown.

Scott Foster’s law enforcement officers Spent a lot of time reviewing the last 0.9 seconds The Suns played the Western Conference finals against the Clippers on Tuesday night.

Obviously, after DeAndre Ayton finally finished the game, no one in the trio saw Los Angeles center DeMarcus Cousins ​​push away Phoenix guards Cam Payne and Devin Booker. Winning dunk In the Suns’ second victory 104-103.

However, the NBA did see it. After reviewing the game, the league decided on Wednesday that a technical foul was necessary and evaluated Cousins ​​retrospectively.

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Cousins ​​isn’t much about this, but it’s important to note that this happens with a dead ball. This is why it was ultimately judged as a technical foul.

In other words, this call is not made in the game. The Suns could have tried free throws to extend the lead to two points and give themselves more breathing room when the referee saw it.

In the end, the incident had minimal impact on the game. After reviewing Ayton’s dunk, the Clippers failed to complete the last shot attempt within 0.7 seconds of the referee’s re-timer.

Phoenix leads the seven-game series 2-0. For the third game in Los Angeles on Thursday (9pm EST, ESPN), it will rise 3-0.Suns point guard Chris Paul (security agreement) is expected to return To the lineup.

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