Max Scherzer, the national humorously asked the referee to check Bryce Harper’s hair for sticky substances

Every salad needs some seasoning.

Bryce Harper’s flowing mane has been one of the most analyzed hairs in baseball since entering the sport in 2012. With 242 professional home runs, he is likely to put him in a big-league career.

Like anyone who has used a certain gel, pomade, mousse, wax, hair spray, or other products, these things can become sticky (and hot and itchy), especially in summer.

Therefore, in Wednesday’s game between the Philadelphians and the Nationals, it is not surprising that Max Scherzer and Harper’s former teammates in Washington wanted the referee to check the outfielder’s hair for sticky substances.

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Harper smiled happily at this, so everything was fine and it ended well.

A few days before the league began to check the pitchers for foreign objects, the Phillies vs. Nationals series triggered a lot of dramatic events. Scherzer underwent three inspections on Tuesday night, one at the request of Phils coach Joe Girardi.

Nats General Manager Mike Rizzo is not satisfied with Girardi A material inspection was requested and the Phillies manager was called a “liar” on the radio show on Wednesday. (More like a popular radio job.)

After the tensions earlier this week, it’s nice to see players being a bit rash in this tricky situation.

Someone please pass pomade.

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