Madden 22’s early rendering of Mac Jones looks nothing like a rookie on the Patriots

Madden 22 will not be released until August 20, but some of its early character designs are already very popular.

One of the most eye-catching people is the Patriots rookie Mike Jones. The game’s initial rendering of the 15th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft does not look like him at all.

According to the Twitter accounts of Toucher and Rich, you can see Jones’s original face design below.

For the sake of comparison, this is a picture of Jones.

(Getty Images)

I mean, come on. It’s not even close!

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First of all, Jones does not have a beard, so leaving him an Andrew Luck-style beard is not the right decision. He also has no receding hairline, and he has blue eyes. This model appears to have brown eyes or heterochromia, such as Max Scherzer.

No matter how you look at it, it’s not like Mac Jones. It looks like some kind of cross between Luck, Scherzer and Trae Young lollipops.

Maybe Madden has not been able to scan Jones’ face into the game. After all, this game will be a few months away, so they are almost certainly still in development. This character model can be used as a placeholder for Jones until his actual model is ready.

Even so, it is funny, it caused a sensation on Twitter and found many comparisons for Jones’ avatar.

Other Twitter users pointed out other early game bugs in previous versions of Madden.

Needless to say, Madden will have to adjust Jones’ model, but it is not surprising to see that they are still solving the problem of unreleased games.

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