Lionel Messi received a surprise birthday alarm from his Argentina teammates at the America’s Cup

Let’s be realistic: no one likes to be woken up on their birthday. In addition to world football star Lionel Messi, he even posted this video to his 221 million Instagram fans.

His teammates presented him with an award when he was 34, walked into his bedroom, sang surprising birthday songs and an Adidas bag full of gifts, and won some laughter. There is something that looks like a cologne bottle, a bag of cornmeal, some wine and a bottle of holy water. This must be an internal joke.

“Starting on my birthday with the boys and receiving some gifts,” he wrote. “Thank you so much for making this day special, although I can’t be with my family, I miss them very much at these moments.”

When you are the greatest football player on the planet, you might not mind that the world sees you when you wake up, or there is a huge silhouette of a player above the head of your bed when you sleep. It is true that this is not his private bedroom-he and Argentina participated in the Copa America training camp in Brazil, where players are obviously required to wear Argentine equipment to sleep.

Messi hopes that his stay in Brazil will be remembered, except for his birthday alarm. He is trying to win his first America’s Cup with Argentina (this will be the country’s first since 1993), and in the process, he will set the record for the most appearances in an Argentine jersey.

This is an important year for this 34-year-old young man. His contract with FC Barcelona will also expire on June 30, and the world is watching his decision on the club’s future. Many people want him to stay in the only professional team he knows, but it is not clear how the financial issues that plague the organization affect his thinking process. If Barcelona cannot pay the salary he seeks, or the team cannot pay the high-level supporters around him, he can decide that it is best for him and the club to move on.

Now he has some cornmeal to cook.

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