Cigarettes and beer: Islanders fans praised the 6th overtime victory in a unique way

Whose label is this on?

On Wednesday night, the Islanders may play their last game at the historic and fan favorite Long Island Junkyard Nassau Stadium. Islands fans praised the 3-2 overtime victory over the Chargers. This is the only way the Long Islanders really know. : Beer cans.

Soon after Anthony Beauvillier entered the overtime winner into the series with 3 games per game, Islands fans bathed the sheets with hats, rally towels, and (some may be empty) beer cans. Thankfully, no Isles player was hit by the celebration can.

Der Spiegel: The Islanders once again excited their home fans (at least)

Although some analysts and the media are offended by this sight, the Isles players are not tired of it.

“The building that entered the overtime game smells like cigarettes, now it smells like beer,” the island winger Beauvillier said after winning the overtime game. “That place is going crazy. Everyone is happy that we are back in Tampa.”

In the Islanders game, this is not the first headline news featuring hop nectar: ​​Jets offensive winger Dan Fini has become an idol hero for Islands fans, and he played several island seasons during the offseason. In the playoffs, he showed his herring and beer drinking style.

The new UBS Arena for the Islanders is scheduled to open in time before the 2021-22 NHL season. However, before the Isles travels along the Southern State Parkway to their new venue, they will fly south to Tampa on Friday night for the seventh game.

No hockey player was injured in the violent impact of the can.

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