University World Series: Mississippi State University defeated Virginia’s no-hitter bid with a six-game losing streak

Mississippi State Baseball entered the eighth game of the College World Series against Virginia, and the situation looked bleak.

The Bulldogs’ bat was extremely silent against Virginia’s Griff McGarry, who maintained a complete no-hitter in the game, allowing his team to lead Mississippi State 4-0 . At that time, he only allowed two runners: one on foot and the other runner.

Before designated batsman Kelham Clark finally broke the no-bat offer, McGary gave up a preemptive walking start and, more importantly, put the Bulldogs on the board-two home runs.

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With no hitters no longer appearing, Cavaliers coach Brian O’Connor finally entered his bullpen. McGary ended the day with seven home runs, knocking down eight batsmen on 98 courts.

Virginia’s lead didn’t last long: after Clark’s home run, Mississippi State’s Josh Hatcher and Roddy Jordan played singles and doubles against substitute Zach Messinger, respectively. Put the two base runners in the scoring position. After that, SEC Player of the Year Tanner Allen (Tanner Allen) and the Cavaliers were closer to Stephen Schoch (Stephen Schoch) to hit the ball, his own three-point home run made the Bulldogs 5 4 Leading-they will never give up.

Schoch allowed another single and walk before leaving the game and eventually lost the game. The Bulldogs extended their lead to 6-4 with Scotty Dubrule RBI singles against Nate Savino, who eventually ended the game with the last two outs.

Mississippi State University’s six-game winning streak continued the team’s ups and downs scoring method in the University World Series. The Bulldogs won each of their eight college World Series games in only two of the 18 games: they also scored twice in the fourth game against Texas on Sunday, eventually winning 2-1 win.

To its credit, Virginia stayed in the game with a single home run by Chris Newell at the bottom of the eighth inning. But Landon Sims, Mississippi, ensured the final four games of the game, including retiring at the bottom of the ninth inning to ensure a comeback:

Mississippi will now face the Virginia-Texas champion on Friday, and it only takes one victory to advance to the University World Series finals.

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