Track and field athlete Sergio Romo pulls down his pants during a material inspection

Major League Baseball pitchers are not friendly to the league’s new foreign material rules.

Track and field pitcher Sergio Romo (Sergio Romo) seems to be particularly annoyed that the referee conducted a material check on him on Tuesday night.

After playing the seventh game for Oakland, the referee motioned to Romo to come and check. Romo responded to this moment, throwing his hat and gloves on the ground, and then tore off his belt.

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Then there is Romo’s final scene. He pulled his pants halfway to prove that he did not hide any illegal substances.

Romo did express his views, but Dan Iassogna, the referee who checked him, does not seem to be bothered by his high-profile temper. In fact, the referee smiled at Romo and the radio said Romo was “hot”.

It was not Romo alone who was troubled by Tuesday’s material inspection. Max Scherzer was inspected for foreign objects 3 times in the first four rounds of the Nationals-Phillies game, and Become more and more irritable Every exam. He angered Philly head coach Joe Gilady, who was later ousted for yelling at Scherzer. The check didn’t seem to disturb the three-time Cy Young champion. He won the victory, pitched five innings, and at the same time gave up a run and hit eight innings.

Needless to say, as MLB tries to implement these rule changes on the fly, these antics will be fairly common.

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