Top 100 most interesting fantasy football team names

2021-22 Fantasy Super League kicks off!So you have Sign up for the competition, Carefully select your team, design a set of jerseys, and…the scary team name screen will make your eyes shine.

We have all been there-spending far more than healthy time trying to design some kind of witty pun related to football to attract a laugh or two from other members of the league.

As the Premier League fantasy football game takes place before the start of the new season, the goal Here can save you some time and energy.

We have collected the 100 most interesting (family-friendly) fantasy football team names. Read these quickly and you will immediately sort out your fantasy football aspect!

100. Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels

99. Only Cruise and Horse

98. Purple Rainer

97. Hakuna Juan Mata

96. Top Dir

95. It’s All Over Shane Long

94. Ibe Gotta Feel

93. Bashuai Crazy

92. Van Dijk’s Rhythm

91. Two’s Kompany

90. The best Instagram in life is free

89. Delphi and Security

88. Earth, Wind and Maguire

87. Citizen Kane

86. Cruel’s Intent

85. Giroud Awakens

84. Kepa clean sheets

83. Target Loud

82. Cry me a river bed

81. Dynamo Chicken Kiev

80. Cameroon Diaz

79. Lacazette in sports

78. Diego Costa Coffee

77. Duer Boy

76. Without Kane, there would be no gain

75. Luke Kyle Walker

74. Obi-Wan-Pisaka

73. Cruel and the Gangster

72. Jurgener believer

71. Allison’s Wonderland

70. Lovren elevator

69. Alades of the Gangster

68. Squatting Potatoes

67. Lewandowski the Great

66. Olympic mayonnaise

65. Aaron Wan-Bissaka Nil

64. Bilbao Baggins

63. Top of Klopp

62. Follow Me

61. Leon King of Ottoman

60. Dunk’n’ Donuts

59. Dini in a Bottle

58. De Ligt, Turkey

57. Tea and Busquets

56. Pique and De Bruyne

55. Zheke and Bunnyman

54. Cesc pistol

53. TAA is very much

52. Move like Ago

51. Sonic Huth

50. Neuer will abandon you


49. Ramsay’s Silence

48. Hit Babe again

47. Pjanic in the discotheque

46. ​​Cech, yourself

45. Pepe Pig

44. For Fox’s sake

43. Little Snyder

42. Obi-Wan Iwobi

41. Flying over Lukaku’s Lair

40. When Harry Meets Ellie

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39. Looking forward to Toulouse

38. Dangerous Duke

37. Willian Dollar Baby

36. Enter Shaqiri

35. Chicken Tikka Mo Salah

34. Stone Game

33. Giroud let the dog out?

32. Florence Turner

31. All Smalling

30. The fun of Gylfi

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29. Duckweed Control

The Murder of Zidane

27. Sarat Kid

26. Smack My Bilic Up

25. Pique Blinds

24. Baines on Toast

23. Blink-1 Eto’o

22. Cruyff’s Passion

21. Fried Egg Royce

20. How did I meet your Mata

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19. Martial law

18. Absolutely Fabregas

17. Cesc and the city

16. Balotelli-Tubes

15. Boom Xhakalaka

14. Neville wears Prada

13. Klops and the robbers

12. No weeping without Weiman

11. King of Ingus

10. Guns’N Moses

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9. Is Ayew served?

8. The Wizard of Özil

7. Flying

6. Benteke fried chicken

5. Show me Da Mane

4. Throw-in game

Ctrl Alt De Laet

2. Who ate all the Depays?

1. Lallanas pajamas

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