The Sixers’ Ben Simmons is considering changing his main shooter, the report says

After his poor shooting performance during the 2021 NBA playoffs, Ben Simmons is considering making some major changes to his offensive style.

One of the changes may be to change his main shooter.

As Brian Windhorst of ESPN It was explained at the Sports Center on Monday that Simmons has been shooting with his left hand throughout his career and he will consider switching to shooting with his right hand during the offseason. He will skip the Olympics to consider this change.

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“One thing I was told was on the table-not yet decided, but on the table-is checking whether he changed his main shooter from left to right,” Windhorst said. “Now, this is a radical thing. He has dexterous hands. He does do something with his right hand in his life.

“It’s not crazy. There are some statistics that show that his right-handed shot is good, but this is obviously a big change that will take a while to implement. But Ben Simmons will take seriously trying to take a few months away from him. To solve this problem.”

In fact, there are some statistics that indicate that Simmons may prefer to shoot with his right hand. As outlined by Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, during the 2021 playoffs, Simmons made 70% of his career shots right-handed, and mainly right-handed.

Therefore, it seems natural for Simmons to use his right hand when he has a choice. However, in his career, he mainly used his left hand to shoot from a distance and outside the line.

But now, he seems to want to change this.

This may be a daunting task, but it has been done before. Tristan Thompson made 58.6 percent of his free throws in his first two seasons as a left-hander. He switched shots before the 2013 season. In the year after the change, his shooting percentage as a right-hander was 69.3%.

Simmons will definitely make this improvement on his 61.3 free throw percentage.

Regardless of whether Simmons decides to change his dominant hand, 76ers coach Rivers believes that the 6-10 Australian will make the necessary progress to become a better offensive player in the offseason.

“I believe that there is no need to elaborate on what we are doing, I believe we know what the right job is, the right type of work and the right way of working,” Rivers said of improving Simmons’ shooting. Tim Bontemps of ESPN.

“You can always do this work. But if it is not done in the right way and in the right type of work, you may not be able to improve. After being here for a year, I really believe that we have determined what and how, “Now we must Do the part that needs to be done. We must work hard to do it. This will not be an easy job. But this is definitely work that could have been done. “

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