Major League Baseball Home Run Derby Participants: 7 players we want to see join Shohei Ohtani in 2021

The MLB home run derby is always exciting.

Watch the game’s best powerful batter hit the ball as far as possible in a short time. This year will be particularly exciting because the event will be held at the launch pad of Coors Field.

One participant has been confirmed to participate in the event Angel genius Shohei Otani announced that he will participateAccording to reports, the young Blue Jays star Vladimir Guerrero Jr. chose not to show off his strength, like Javier Bates.

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So now the remaining question is who will join Otani? We are doing our best to find some players who can increase the excitement of the show. There are only 8 spots in total, one of which is full, and we are looking for the other seven players who can help fill the vacancy.

Ronald Acuna Jr.

One of the juniors has opted out of the home run derby, but the fans hope to see as many players as possible in the game, and Akuna Jr. will be a must-see performer. Acuna was only behind Fernando Tatis Jr. in NL’s home run because he was sitting by 20 points, 10 of which were without a doubt. According to baseball expertsOne of them has a range of 481 feet, the second longest shot this season.

It’s not just his home run this season. His profile sounds like someone who will perform in the Derby. His maximum exit speed of 117.2 mph puts him fifth this season, with an average exit speed of 93.8 ranking seventh, and his 11.9% per-set rate is fifth in the major leagues. Acuna hits the ball as hard as anyone in a major, and with the excitement he brings to the game, he will be very suitable for home run derby.

Pete Alonso

Alonso did not swing and hit 53 home runs like he did during his dynamic rookie season, but he was the defending home run derby champion, beating Guerrero in the final round of 2019. As the defending champion, he should have a chance to regain his title in another position in 2021.

The Mets first baseman may only have 11 home runs, but he stings every time he hits the ball. His average exit speed is 92.6-tied for 19th in the majors-his maximum exit speed of 117.1 is sixth. According to baseball expertsOf his 11 home runs, 9 of them are unquestionable. The Polar Bear is as strong as anyone in the major leagues, and even if the number is low, he should have a chance to become a back-to-back champion.

Raphael Devers

Devers is often overshadowed by waves of young talent, but the 24-year-old Red Sox third baseman is enjoying another big battle in Boston. Devers had a breakthrough season in 2019, struggling at the beginning of the shortened 2020 season, and now in 2021, he is back in baseball. He has launched 18 bombs, According to baseball experts, The expected total number of home runs is 20.6, just behind Otani and Royal catcher Salvador Perez.

His statistics this season are ridiculous. He is at the 92nd percentile or higher in terms of average exit speed, maximum exit speed, heavy hit rate, xwOBA, xBA, xSLG, and barrel rate. His average home run distance is 417 feet, tied for 13th with Otani and Blue Jays outfielder Teoscar Hernandez, and his annual longest home run distance is 452 feet.

Yermin Mercedes

Mercedes has always been one of the biggest stories of the year, and as a player, he has never received praise from a strong production producer among playoff competitors. Although his seven home runs are the fewest on this list, they are the biggest bombs. His home runs averaged 439 feet, and his 485-foot shot earlier this year was the longest shot of the season. According to baseball experts. His shortest home run this year reached 421 feet

Yes, Mercedes has cooled significantly since the beginning of May (two home runs, .184/.248/.259 slash), and yes, there are many major players who have more home runs this season than Mercedes Sto. But watching his game is fun, and the home run derby is the excitement of the game, so why not include him?

Ryan McMahon

There is always a hometown hero for fans to cheer for, and the most obvious Rocky this year will be McMahon. So far this season, the infield utility player has hit as many as 16 home runs throughout the year, with a career-high batting rate of 0.508. He is tied for seventh with Kyle Schwab, expected home run The hit was 17.6, which suggests that he should have two more home runs than the years he already has.

McMahon has always shown that he has a strong presence in the major leagues. In 2019, he hit a career-high 24 home runs, followed by 9 in 52 games last season. This season, he just made a more stable hard contact. The heavy hit rate (48.6), average exit speed (92) and his second highest shooting rate (9.7%) set a career high. Every baseball expert.

Giancarlo Stanton

No one hits the ball harder than Stanton. So far this season, he has the heaviest hit in the league at a speed of 120.2 mph. Among batters with at least 100 hits, his average speed is 97.4 mph, which is among the best in the league. According to baseball experts.

He also has extensive experience in the game. Stanton won a home run derby at Peco Park in 2016, which is considered one of the most unfriendly, so a trip to Coors can give him a chance to actually perform. In 51 games this season, he has hit 13 homers-5 of which are called unquestioned people by Statcast. At 471 feet, he already has one of the longest home runs of the season.

Fernando Tatis

Of course, the dynamic Padres shortstop will be an exciting bat in a home run derby. Tatis may have a shoulder injury every day, but when he is healthy, he is one of the best powerful batsmen in the game.according to Baseball expert, He tied for the leader of Major League Baseball with 14 unquestioned home runs. So far, he has led with 22 bomb home runs only behind Guerrero and Otani.

Look at his batting profile. He is at the 90th percentile or above in terms of average exit speed, maximum exit speed, crit rate, barrel rate, and expected crit rate. Tatis punishes baseball. In the atmosphere of Coors Field-a park he is very familiar with as NL West’s opponent-he may cause some serious damage to baseball.

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