George Kittle has good reasons not to invite Tim Tebow to the Tight End University Summit

Tim Tebow’s invitation to attend the tight-end summit was not lost in the email.

The 49ers Pro Bowl close end George Kittle finally held his long-awaited close end summit this summer, with the recently retired Greg Olsen and the Chiefs pass receiver Travis Kelsey A near-end event was held together-but the team had an interesting omission.

Tim Tebow returns to the game as a tight end for the Jaguars and may use invitations instead of the large number of tight ends that will go to training camp.

Kittle provided a reasonable explanation for Tebow’s lack of invitation in a recent episode of the show. “Please forgive my opinion” podcast:

So, there is no opposition to Tim Thibaud, but I find it difficult to invite-I just hope Tim Thibaugh goes well, I hope he has a wonderful season as a close end-but it is hard not to invite one As a substitute for the close end, let’s talk about the New York Giants instead of inviting someone who is just starting to play tight ends, because we have limited positions. I hope I can make it so that every tense NFL game can come, [so] Everyone can access it. But what we are trying to do this year, we want to pay all the expenses for all the tight matches, making it a special event for all the tight matches.

Although Jacksonville coach Urban Meyer seems to have given Tebow every opportunity to be selected for the team, there is no guarantee that Tebow will become the 53-man roster for the Jaguars.

“If he is on the roster this year and he plays very tightly, we would love to have him, we would love to work with him,” Olsen added. “Once he officially becomes a tight end, we are happy to work with him.”

The event — aptly named the Tight End University Summit — is being held in Nashville, Tennessee, and invitations are sent to tensions across the league. So far, there have been at least 50 submissions, including TJ Hockenson, Zach Ertz, and Kyle Pitts.

Kittel said he rented out the entire hotel and the rooms were fully booked.

Maybe Tebow can capture the highlights on YouTube.

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