76ers general manager Daryl Morey responded enthusiastically to Ben Simmons’s problem

On Tuesday, 76ers general manager Daryl Morey was not in the mood to answer a question from Philadelphia sports reporter Howard Eskin about Ben Simmons.

The back and forth between the two began naively: Eskine just asked Morey if he would consider trading Simmons if he received a package to upgrade the team.

“I’m not talking to Ben Simmons,” Morey said. “But any measure that helps our team win the championship or increase the odds, if it makes sense, we will consider and take action.”

OK, alright. So, everything is on the table.

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But even after responding, Eskin continued to push. This led to Morey’s funny and acrimonious counterattack. This is how it descends:

Said Eskin: “The only thing I want to ask is, will you look at the value of Ben Simmons and any other players on this basketball team to improve the 76ers?”

Morey replied: “So, you just defined the job of the general manager, which is to evaluate everything, evaluate every player on the list, and find the best way to help us win the championship. So, yes, I am The general manager of the 76ers, I thank you for defining my job description.”

This is Morey’s epic rebuttal. In the full segment of the transaction, you can hear how uninterested he is to participate in Simmons’ trading speculation.

In Game 7 of the 76ers’ loss to the Eagles, Simmons was criticized after struggling offensively, so it seemed that everyone was creating Simmons trade rumors.

but Dr. Rivers expressed confidence In the 76ers’ plan to increase Simmons’ shooting percentage, the team seems not ready to give up the 24-year-old defensive star. Maybe if Philadelphia’s plan goes wrong, they will consider exploring the trade market – but Morey will assess whether it needs to do so.

After all, this is what the general manager does.

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