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Jon Rahm won his first Grand Slam at the 121st U.S. Open by 4 under par at the 121st U.S. Open, which made him Defeated Louis Oosthuizen by one stroke. The main champion among the players praised the Spaniard’s victory in Torrey Pines.

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Jon Lahm celebrated his Virgo Grand Slam victory with a one-stroke victory at the U.S. Open

After the Spaniard won the first Grand Slam title with a dramatic victory at the US Open, golf legends Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player paid tribute to Jon Lahm.

Ram caught birdies in the last two holes, shot 67 at Torrey Pines, 4 under par, and beat South Africa’s Luis Ostsieusen, which made him the first Spanish champion at the US Open. Let him return to the top of the world rankings.

The 26-year-old’s victory came two weeks after he tested positive for Covid-19 and exited the memorial, while leading by 6 strokes, while 18-time Grand Slam champion Nicklaus-this week at Mufield The host of the village-first congratulate him on his major breakthrough.

Nick Dougherty, Andrew Coltart and Paul McKinley reviewed the key moments of Jon Ram’s victory at the US Open.

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Nick Dougherty, Andrew Cortart and Paul McKinley reviewed the key moments of Jon Ram’s victory at the US Open.

Nick Dougherty, Andrew Cortart and Paul McKinley reviewed the key moments of Jon Ram’s victory at the US Open.

“We saw a U.S. Open and when the last nine holes started, any of the 10 players could win,” Nicklaus said. “Then we saw them destroying themselves one by one. This is unfortunate, but it can and does happen in the profession.

“The two players of Jon Rahm and Louis Oosthuizen did not self-destruct. Both Rahm and Oosthuizen played beautifully. Then Jon completed the U.S. Open, just like we haven’t seen anyone do it in nearly 40 years-finally Two birds and two holes. Jon is great!

“I’m very happy that Ram won. What happened to him at the Memorial Tournament two weeks ago-he was forced to quit when he was six shots ahead of three rounds, which means Jon was my choice all week. I really do I’m very happy and glad that Jon handled what happened to Mufield well.

“Jon’s acceptance speech today is great! He didn’t blame anyone for what happened in the memorial. He said that such things happened in his life. Then he shared the story of the loss of relatives due to the new crown virus, so he really Know what’s going on. This pandemic is already very dangerous.

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“Barbara and I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Jon. I believe this major is only the first of his many majors! We are all happy for him and his wife Kelly! Jon celebrates his first father That’s a great way to win the U.S. Open. Now, it’s very special!”

Many players and several former Grand Slam champions turned to social media to praise Lahm’s major breakthrough. Nine-time Grand Slam champion Pryor played against the Spaniard in a winning interview with compatriot Sef Ballesteros. The recognition is impressive.

“How outrageous are Jon Rahm’s last two tweets?” The player tweeted. “What an exciting performance when they came in too. Jon kept knocking on the door and it was only a matter of time before he won the Grand Slam.

“Jon has shown so much performance in the past two weeks after his destructive withdrawal from the memorial. It is great to see him turning this disappointment into the biggest victory of his career. Lestros expressed his high respect and was very happy after his round.

“In the end, my heart is with Louis. He is close again. I have no doubt that he will win another Grand Slam soon. Keep pushing my friend.”

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