The five teams will benefit from the June transaction acquisition instead of waiting until the July 31 deadline

For some teams, the goal before the July 31st trade deadline is to acquire players who can help them win in October. They are already very sure of entering the playoffs, and anything without a World Series championship will be disappointing.

These teams are looking for influential players, such as Max Scherzer, they can wait for the right players to play. There is no real rush.

But what about other teams? Winning in October is still the goal, but without a little help — or a lot of help — entering the playoffs will be a challenge. These teams will benefit greatly from the trade before July arrives, gaining an additional five or six starting opportunities from the new rotation, or another 100 games from position players.

Let us look at five of them today.


Why do they need help sooner or later: Look, every team has ups and downs in a season. However, the Cardinals seem to have a better grasp of the all-or-nothing approach than any other team among the big men, which is not a compliment. Once, the Cardinals tied the best record in baseball with a score of 22-14; since then, they are 14-22; an overall record of 0.500 puts them tied for third place in NL Central, behind the Cubs and Brewers Four games.

“We are a little stressed right now,” the Cardinals president of baseball operations John Mozeliak told the St. Louis Post.

So what do they need? Let’s start with the rotation help. There is at least one starter who is not a No. 5 player. Adam Wainwright is the only reliable and perfectly healthy pitcher this season. Ace Jack Flaherty performed well in his 11 starts, but he played in IL due to a diagonal injury, and his return may be measured in weeks rather than days. Carlos Martinez performed well at the end of April/early May, but he has been a mess most of the time recently. Let’s put it this way: Even if you give up his disastrous start to the Dodgers-winning 10 points in 2/3 innings-his SR rate in June is still 9.64. Damn. John Gunter’s self-report rate is stable (3.50), but his average number of outs per start is only 14.2, which is less than five innings, and his number of walks (44) is almost the same as the number of strikeouts (46) As much. That’s not what you want. The basic problem of Kwang Hyun Kim is the same. His SR is 3.64, but only 13.6 outs per start (50 out of 11 starts). Johan Oviedo has legal things, but he is still young and still in progress.

To say the least, the offense did not impress anyone. Maybe it’s time to stop waiting for outfielder Harrison Bader-he is 27 years old, has 0.211 points per game and 90 OPS+ in the past 200 MLB games, dating back to the beginning of the 2019 season-to develop into a team power. The Cardinals are financially committed to shortstop Paul De Jong, but his batting rate in 45 games this year is 0.160 and the OPS is 0.585, while last year he only hit three home runs in 45 games.


Why do they need help sooner or later: As the Yankees enter this year, they look forward to challenging 100 victories and the best record of the American United team. Well, it hasn’t happened yet. Currently, they are considering a difficult climb to enter the playoffs, and it seems that they will not admit defeat in 2021, at least they have to work hard. They are ranked third in the AFC East, behind a team that has just called super prospect Wander Franco and a Red Sox that may return Chris Searle at some point.

In the competition for the second wild card, they also trailed the Rays by 4 1/2.

They can use more consistency in a lineup full of healthy homerunners, which is why the Buccaneers’ second baseman Adam Fraser (0.322 average, 0.388 obp, NL best 23 doubles) is the hot name The reason for trading rumors is that the market is now in New York. Because they are the Yankees, winning the World Series is almost the only goal, and trading an elite pitcher (think Max Scherzer or one of the grades below) should also be on the near-final list.

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Why do they need help sooner or later: There are many talents on this list, led by MVP candidate Vladimir Guerrero, Jr.. They clicked on almost everything during this time, reaching a record of 23-17, and only played half a game in the American League East. But since then? For Dunedin/Buffalo Jays, this is a lot of “meh”-a 12-18 record, ranking 13th among the 15 American League teams. This is simply unacceptable. Not only are they capable of securing a place in the playoffs — they are ranked 7th in the Eastern Conference and have 6.5 points in the second wild card seat — but they can even advance in October. But if entering the playoffs is the goal of this year, then the Jie team can’t wait to wait for the trade deadline, or even the All-Star weekend, to take action.

Getting George Springer-their main offseason acquisition-back to the lineup on a regular basis should be a big boost to the offense. This means that trading an impact pitcher-not the No. 5 pitcher-to join the rotation should be a priority, sooner or later. The problem is that there are not many healthy options. Oh, and the bullpen, because every competitor needs the help of the bullpen (however, Jays needs more than most people.

“The opportunity to increase our bullpen and replenish our bullpen is our focus now,” GM Ross Atkins recently told reporters“We will continue to work hard. As it is related to urgency, when our bullpen pitches better, we are considering and working hard to resolve this issue.”


Why do they need help sooner or later: Atlanta needs more outfielders offensively. Ronald Acuña has been playing MVP-level games, but Marcel Ozuna struggled, injured and was arrested-the attack and batting charges were very bad-the Warriors The team’s performance in the other two positions is not enough.

Atlanta was very close to the World Series last year and is considered the favorite to win NL East this season. But most things went wrong. The Warriors returned to the division in five of the three games under 0.500 (33-36), and 6 1/2 was outside the second wild card position. This is a huge deficit, but with more than three months left in the season, it is far from impossible to fill this gap. If they do not take action, and before the All-Star Game, these gaps widen to, say, 8 points and 11 points, it will be a bigger problem.

“We have the resources to increase salaries for the club,” General Manager Alex Ansopoulos told The Athletic“The outlook is very different from when there is a lot of uncertainty in the offseason. I think we started the year with 25% production capacity, and we gradually increased production capacity to 100%. So we are definitely in a good position. I was also told that we can increase wages before the transaction deadline.”

Or, you know, maybe long before the transaction deadline.


Why do they need help sooner or later: Yes, the Cubs are tied for first place in Central, but the current rotation doesn’t feel like a division championship rotation, does it? In the past nine games, Jack Arrieta’s ERA is 7.58, and he has only shot more than five innings. So far, Kyle Hendricks has experienced the worst season of his career, but this is mainly because he set too high a standard; he is still a stable source of reliable starts (the ERA in 14 starts is 4.13). Last year, Zach Davis had 63 strikeouts, while Padres had 19 walks; this year he made 36 walks and 45 strikeouts for the Cubs, with an ERA of 4.66. If they want to keep up with the Brewers at NL Central, it feels like they need pitching help.

But will this happen? Remember, the Cubs basically acted like a former contender in the offseason, letting Kyle Schwab walk and trade Yodawish, among other moves. So maybe it makes sense to try to add a player as early as possible, and then if things don’t go well next month, continue to trade players like Chris Bryant, Javier Baez or Anthony Rizzo-they are all Potential free agent. Year-before July 31.

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