Cheltenham Festival: The planned extension to a five-day meeting is under consideration, but the Jockey Club ruled out the possibility of immediate change | Motorsport News

Plans to extend the Cheltenham Festival are being reconsidered, although the Jockey Club has ruled out the possibility of any immediate changes to the current format.

The game currently lasts four days in March and is one of the most anticipated features in the national hunting calendar, ending with the respected Cheltenham Gold Cup on the final day of the game.

The plan for the fifth day of action was first proposed in January 2020, when Martin St Quinton, chairman of the racecourse, stated that he “does not rule out any extension of the meeting.”

This idea is now being discussed again after Daily Telegraph According to reports, the Jockey Club intends to hold a five-day festival in 2023. Each day is reduced to six games, so only two other games are needed to fill the extra day.

The Jockey Club spokesperson explained that there has been no progress on this matter. Although the five-day meeting was not explicitly rejected, there are no plans to extend the schedule at this time.

“It’s always fun to listen to the debate around the fifth day. The last time this issue was seriously discussed in public, some major stakeholders of our movement expressed their desire for the fifth day,” a statement read.

“We will always explore every option to improve the festival and support British racing, but we have not decided to extend the length of the festival.”

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