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The final round of the Euro 2020 group stage will begin on Sunday, and Turkey, Switzerland and Wales all hope to join Italy in the round of 16.

Italy After winning the first two games, they have secured their seats for the next round. As long as they avoid losing in the last match of the group stage against the second, they can be assured of their first place in Group A. Wales.

A point at the Olympic Stadium in Rome is also enough to ensure that Rob Page’s undefeated team will have a place in the knockout stage, although even the loss and the goal difference between the Swiss team, which is less than third-placed, will see them finish second.

The Italians did not even qualify for the 2018 World Cup, but their consecutive 3-0 victories continued their 29 undefeated records in all competitions, and exacerbated the concern that the 2012 finalists might be relegated to the World Cup this year Rumors of returning to the top of the list. European Championship.

“They are a great team without too many weaknesses-and have had two great games,” said Welsh winger Daniel James, a member of the Manchester United team, when he defeated AC Milan at San Siro in March. Won the Europa League Championship. .

“They have players like (George) Chiellini and (Leonardo) Bonucci. They are game legends whose careers are coming to an end but are still at the top level.


Guard Welsh coach Rob Page said his team will beat Italy on Sunday because they want to be “qualified in style” instead of “limping across the line.”

“They are the kind of players you admire, but we believe we can get a result. We are full of confidence that we will not participate in any games for a tie.

“We want to win every game and we fully believe that we can do it. We have proven this in the past European Cups and recent matches.”

Switzerland Still looking for their first victory in this year’s European Cup and a three-pointer against Baku in Baku TurkeySo far, they have lost two games and they are likely to be eliminated in the group stage.

No matter what happens, the Turks need omnipotent luck to stand out from Group A-because their goal difference of -5 will put them in trouble in the third place, which will determine who will eventually join the 12th row. First place team-16.

“The whole country is disappointed. It’s good to be disappointed. It happened in sports,” said Swiss midfielder Steven Zuber. “We know what it feels like to be on the other side, and this is our goal-to be on the other side on Sunday.”

Due to the poor performance of the Swiss team in this year’s group stage, head coach Vladimir Petkovic is under increasing pressure. He entered the 2020 European Cup as the third-longest coach in the championship, but before beating Italy 3-0 on Wednesday, his team has never been defeated in the group stage of the championship final since taking office in 2014.

He took the unusual step of imploring the country’s fans to support their team before the must-win game in Azerbaijan on Sunday, which once again felt like a home game for their opponents due to the close relationship between the two countries game.

Turkey captain Burak Yilmaz said the team was
Turkey’s captain Burak Yilmaz said the team was “broken” after losing 3-0 to Italy

“Football players and coaches have feelings, worries, fears and happiness like everyone else. We are equally vulnerable,” Petkovic published on Saturday Switzerland at the weekend newspaper. “That’s why we need the support of all of you before this decisive game. Your unity. Your enthusiasm. We will do everything we can so that we can celebrate together on Sunday night.”

Who is playing on Sunday?

Group A: Italy vs Wales; kick-off at 5 pm (Rome)

Group A: Switzerland vs. Turkey; kick-off at 5 pm (Baku)

Team news

Italy vs. Wales: Marco Verratti returned to training in Italy, but since his substitute Manuel Locatelli scored two goals in the last game against Switzerland, almost no one wanted to drive him back. Alessandro Florenzi missed the victory over Switzerland, recovered from knocking on the door, and is not expected to return to Wales.

Wales has a complete lineup to choose from, but may choose to stick to the starting lineup for Turkey after the outstanding performance in Baku.

Switzerland vs. Turkey: Both teams have complete player lineups to choose from, and Switzerland is unlikely to deviate from their normal 3-5-2 formation. Turkish manager Petkovic may make changes after two under-par results and poor performance in the must-win match in Baku.

Who needs what to qualify?

After two victories in the first two matches against Turkey and Switzerland, Italy If they avoid beating Wales on Sunday, they will pass and will be first in the group.

WalesCan still win the group first in the case of defeating Italy, if Switzerland fails to defeat Turkey, it will be confirmed to enter the top two.

SwitzerlandIf they lose to Turkey, who will be eliminated, if they win and Wales loses, they can also enter the top two. The two teams will be tied in points and then will be separated due to a goal difference.

At last, Turkey There is no chance to enter the top two, but they must beat Switzerland to get third in the group-and then hope that their ranking is high enough to advance.

Key data…

This will be the second encounter between Switzerland and Turkey in a major event. Their first confrontation was in the group stage of the 2008 European Cup-the Swiss as the co-host and lost to the Turks 2-1.

Turkey has won in the last two clashes with Switzerland, and both victories allowed the Swiss team to open the record. The Turks have never defeated the Helvetians in three consecutive games.

Switzerland and Turkey have scored 17 goals in the last five games, averaging 3.4 per game.

Switzerland (D1 L1) wants to avoid being overwhelmed in all three group matches of a major tournament for the first time since the 2004 European Cup.

The previous nine games between Italy and Wales did not end in a tie. Italy won seven games and Wales won two games. This is the first time they have met in a major competition.

Aaron Ramsey, Gareth Bale (PA)


Rob Page, the owner of the Welsh Guards team, said that Ramsey’s “excellent” performance in the 2020 European Cup has left a deep impression on him

The last three matches between Italy and Wales on Italian soil resulted in 11 goals, all scored by Italy (W3).

The last time Italy and Wales faced each other was 18 years ago, in the European Cup qualifiers in September 2003. That day, Inzaghi performed his only hat-trick with the Italian national team (4-0).

Since losing to Portugal 0-1 in September 2018, Italy has remained unbeaten in the last 29 games of all competitions (W24 D5). If they avoid losing to Wales, they will tie the longest unbeaten record of 30 games between November 1935 and July 1939.

Wales emerged from the group stage in the first two major events (1958 World Cup and 2016 European Cup). If they avoid losing in this game, they can guarantee a place in the knockout stage of this tournament.

Italy hopes to win all three matches of the group stage for the fourth time in a major event, as it did in the 1978 and 1990 World Cups and the 2000 European Cup.

Also at Euro 2020…

Entering the knockout stage may adversely affect the players of the European Championship.

Swedish defender Victor Lindelof choked up when he was asked about missing his family in his hometown and had to ask questions at a press conference.

Previously, Lindelof’s wife shared a photo of their young son who recognized his father in an advertisement outside a store on her social media account.

The emotional Lindelof said, “It’s not a good day to ask this kind of thing today”, then leaned back, stretched his arms, and bowed his head for a few seconds.

The Swedish players left their families to join the team on June 2. They must stay in the tournament bubble. The 1-0 victory over Slovakia on Friday means that the Swedes are likely to qualify for the round of 16 and participate in the 2020 European Cup at least before the end of this month.

What is the motherland doing?

Scottish The players will return to their training base before Tuesday’s must-win game against Croatia in Hampden Park, which is the suspension period for a golf course in a ball-free draw with England on Friday.

Scottish assistant coach Steven Reid told reporters: “In tense weeks, you do need a day or two to close. They will play a few holes. It is definitely not a complete 18 hole.”

United Kingdom Returning to St. George’s Park after their own recovery day, as they are preparing for their own final group match against the Czech Republic, they must win the Group D championship.

Sky Sports News There will be preparations for Tuesday’s game-Gary Neville looks back at the deadlock at Wembley at 10 am on Friday.

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