The Yankees ensured their victory over the track and field team with another three-game winning streak, and tied the record for Major League Baseball.

If double play is the pitcher’s best friend, what is a three-game winning streak?

Before Sunday, the Yankees had had two three consecutive championships this season, one of which had never been seen in MLB history. Then they finished it again, and at the right time.

As the Yankees faltered in the ninth inning, it was closer to Aroldis Chapman to let A’s receiver Sean Murphy fall to the ground to third baseman Gio Urshela, who stepped on the bag and broadcast it to DJ LeMahieu, who then threw the ball to Chris Gittens’s 5 -4-3 game finisher.

This is a record-breaking game for the Yankees: the high water mark in three games in a season is three, and the most recent feat was accomplished by the White Sox in 2016.

The Yankees’ second three-game winning streak this year—the 1-3-6-2-5-6 three-game winning streak against the Blue Jays on June 17—has never been achieved in baseball history:

The three-game winning streak that ended on Father’s Day defeated Oakland 2-1 and allowed the New York team to defeat the popular A team in the series. The New York team led 38-33 and continued to maintain the lead during an ups and downs season.

But hey, this is a cool gift for dads all over the world.

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