Red Army’s Joey Woto spent a fan day with a signature baseball after being expelled in the first game

Now, a wholesome baseball story.

The Red Army fans have a special connection with their team.A few times this year, it’s already obvious, just like a Cincy fan The home runs have been sold out throughout the season.

Joey Votto’s chili was very popular on Saturday, leading to the first game being sent off for a disputed swing. Abigail, a young Reds fan, participated in her first MLB game in San Diego, and she hopes to see Votto’s game more than just one game. Unfortunately, she did not get this opportunity.

“@Reds When this is your first MLB game and your favorite player is eliminated in the first game…” Twitter user @SuperBarry11 shared, probably Abigail’s mother.

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Well, the Red Army and Voto took notice and made sure that Abigail’s first MLB game was an unforgettable game, even without Voto. Wattau sent Abigail a beautiful signature baseball, and the Reds are planning to send her some extra goodies from the game.

The ball says-in the typical Votto expressionless manner, please note-“I’m sorry I didn’t play the entire game.”

Votto’s career is to be friendly and have fun with fans, so this is just another chapter in a long book of his consciousness.

The Red Army will lose to the Padres 7-5, but at least the young Abigail won her own huge personal victory. Everything is fine and the ending is good.

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