Kevin Durant of the Nets blamed his “big butt” for the seventh loss to the Bucks

Kevin Durant believes that he hit the winning three-pointer with one second left in the game and took the Nets to the Eastern Conference Finals.

However, this is just a long draw 2 because one toe is on the line.

As a result, the Nets and Bucks entered overtime, Brooklyn finally lost 115-111.

After the game, Durant regretted that the toes played an unfortunate role in the Nets’ loss.

“My big ass has stepped on the line,” said Durant in size 18 shoes. “I saw the screenshots, how close I am to ending their season. But this is not in God’s plan. Hey, we will move on.”

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When looking at the screenshots cited by Durant, it is easy to understand why he is frustrated. He is only a fraction of an inch away from winning the team, maybe even shorter.

Nonetheless, there is evidence that Durant-scoring 48 points in 53 minutes on the court-stepped on the free throw line. Even watching the live broadcast on TNT broadcast, the audience can see that he is not completely outside the arc.

Nevertheless, this did not diminish Durant’s great achievements, although the 11-time All-Star man was not impressed.

“It’s a reliable shot, but I made a bigger shot than this,” he said.

If his feet go a little further back, maybe he will feel differently. Or just smaller.

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