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Harry Kane insists that the reason for his disappointing start to the Euro 2020 is neither in poor physical condition nor speculation about his future at Tottenham Hotspur.

Kane was substituted in England’s first match against Croatia. Their performances in both games were below par, and they drew 0-0 with Scotland.

The England captain’s performance was surprising because he spent an impressive season with the Spurs, and despite his club’s struggling, he ranked first in the Premier League in goals and assists.

Although he did suffer several ankle injuries during the campaign, he returned from his most recent injury nearly two months ago and has been a regular visitor to the Spurs until the end of the season.

Kane won the Golden Boot at the 2018 World Cup-a factor that will only increase expectations for him in the 2020 European Cup-although he admitted that he was tired in Russia three years ago, he said it was not a problem.


Former England coach Steve McLaren says lack of service is the main reason Harry Kane struggles in front of goal

“Gareth [Southgate] It’s his right to make the changes he thinks is best for the team,” Kane said protector When asked about his reaction to being substituted in the two games in England so far.

“What we have learned in past games is trying to reach the top at the right time. The best time to reach the top is in the knockout stage and hope to start from there.

“Maybe in Russia, in the quarterfinals and semifinals, I was not as sharp as I thought. In the end we didn’t get where we wanted to go, maybe partly for this reason.

“It’s about managing the team and making sure everyone feels as healthy and sharp as possible. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a tough game, and it’s about making sure I am suitable for other people.

“I don’t have any problems. I don’t think my body fits. If I tell the truth, I think participating in these games is as good as the whole season.”

Although Kane was one of the outstanding players in the Premier League in the 2020/21 season, the Spurs experienced a difficult season, ranking seventh without a trophy or manager, and fired Mourinho in April.

The club was also shocked by the news Kane told them he wanted to leave this summer Because they fail to compete regularly and win trophies.

PA-Harry Kane was replaced after playing against Scotland


Rob Dorset of Sky Sports News said that after the first two games of the game, people will worry about Harry Kane’s state.

It is understood that Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea are keen to sign the striker, although his future is expected to become one of the main plots of the transfer window this summer, Kane said this will not affect his international performance.

“Absolutely not,” he insisted. “All my attention is focused on how I helped this team and how we succeeded in this game.

“I understand from the media’s point of view that there are speculations, but I am completely focused on the work here.”

The big problem for England is that they need Harry Kane

Pete Gil of Sky Sports

Before the 2020 European Cup, there are one or two suggestions that Harry Maguire rather than Harry Kane is the most important player in England, because the Manchester United captain is the performer they can’t live without this summer.

PA-England play full-time against Scotland


Rob Dorset of Sky Sports News says England’s performance against Scotland did not meet expectations

Compared with England’s worrying Harry Kane problem, the potential consequences of two games and Maguire’s absence without conceding consecutive goals are beginning to pale.

Even shocking Kane contribution statisticsOr lack thereof, only half of the story is told against Scotland. Yes, there are only 19 touches. No, he didn’t hit the target all night before the substitution. But what is more shocking is his pedestrian and clumsy style. “Leggy” is the standard football term. “Slow” is an everyday term. Kane is the incarnation in the England display that lacks strength and zippers.

There was a particularly worrying moment when Luke Shaw broke into the penalty zone in the second half. The England left-back has only a short time to assess the situation and seek support. What he will see is a blue wall in front of him. Where is Kane? On his heel, like a statue, out of reach on the back post behind the two Scottish defenders. Understandably, Shaw went to shoot, and when the ball flew out harmlessly, he was almost right. As for Kane, lack of exercise and lack of threat is definitely not like Kane.

England (Pennsylvania)


Former England forward Liane Sanderson said that fans must support Gareth Southgate’s player after the draw with Scotland and believes that his team will still be among the best in Group D

Is he injured? Or was he just overwhelmed by expectations?

Another inevitable question is whether Gareth Southgate (Gareth Southgate) dare to exclude Kane from the starting lineup in Tuesday’s game against the Czech Republic. of course not. After all, Southgate is instinctively loyal to his players-just a week ago, when Raheem Sterling scored the only goal in the game against Croatia, this prospect was fully rewarded.

But any question about Kane’s position in the England team failed to grasp the point, or at least did not grasp the point of the problem. Because the problem for England is not just or just the poor condition of their players. The bigger problem is that without Kane in good condition, it is difficult to see how England can go further. What we saw on Friday night was England without Kane, which is not pretty.

They can’t live without him.

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