Yankees’ Gio Ursiella recovered from the bat fragments in the eye and hit a back-to-back home run in the victory

Gio Urshela struggled to discover how dangerous a broken bat is on Saturday.

When he hit the ball in the second game of the Yankees vs. Track and Field game, his bat split on the ground. Some fragments appeared to hit Urshela’s left eye, and when he awkwardly climbed to the first base line, he was obviously injured.

The final result of grounding is a double kill, but New York is more concerned about Ursiella’s health.

It looks like Urshela will be the latest Yankees to miss due to injury. The team has been plagued by injuries this year, and major contributors such as Luke Voight, Aaron Hicks and Corey Kluber are currently in Illinois. Urshela himself participated in the competition with a knee injury at the beginning of the season.

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Although the injury seemed strange and scary, Ursiella was able to clear his eyes and stay in the game. The Yankees are of course grateful that he did it.

In the eighth inning, he played in a tie and launched a home run deep into the left midfield, giving the Yankees a one point lead.

Although this was not the final victory, Urshela’s explosion began a three-game losing streak, leading New York to a 7-5 victory over Oakland. It also further shows that third basemen’s wear and tear after eye problems has not deteriorated.

Urshela’s tough and key performance allowed Yankees fans to express their respect and admiration on social media.

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