With the 76ers’ season hanging in the balance, Seth Curry and Tyrese Maxi became the unlikely heroes of Game 6

The Sixers looked very much like a team at the start of Game 6 against the Eagles on Friday. Lead by 26 points In the outing before it. When Atlanta took a 20-8 lead in the first quarter, Philadelphia seemed shocked.

So, with 6 minutes left in the opening game and the Eagles are about to score, who flew in to save the 76ers? Of course Seth Curry and Tyrese Maxi. The two guards scored the Philadelphia team’s final 14 points in the last quarter of the first quarter, reducing the gap to an easier-to-control 7 points.

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“The lead the other night was really a disastrous defeat. Let them pounce on us-honestly, I expected it, you know they will fly very high-I really believe that if we can get through it, it will take a lot of energy ,” 76ers coach Rivers said. “Since then I think we control the game.”

Curry (24 points, 8 of 14 shots) and Maxi (16 points off the bench, 7 rebounds) stepped up again and again in Game 6, allowing the 76ers to win 104-99 in the crowded State Farm Arena. And sent the series back to Philadelphia. All-star players Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons scored only 28 points on 11-of-30 shooting and dealt with early foul troubles. The role players made a star transition during the season.

“[Curry has] It’s huge,” Embiid said. “His shooting ability makes a lot of things happen and opens up space for others. Like I said, he is already very big. … We couldn’t win that game without Tyrese. Maxi is great tonight. Whether it is offensive or defensive, when Ben encounters foul trouble, he can promote the rhythm of the game. I am really happy for him. “

After helping the 76ers maintain an amazing distance, Curry led the most important game of the game. He scored or assisted every point in the 14-0 spurt at the beginning of the third quarter, allowing the Philadelphia team to maintain the lead.

Maxey, a 2020 first-round rookie from Kentucky, also performed well in the second half. When the threat of Atlanta’s “Hack-A-Ben” strategy was imminent, he served as the lead handler. Maxi also challenged Treyang defensively. Although he didn’t win every game, he did force the Eagle star (34 points, 13 of 30) to work hard on almost every possession.

Rivers said: “I actually think that apart from Ben, Tyrese did the best with Trey because of his speed.” “That’s one of the things we talked about. This kid, I’ve been Talking about him, he has a lot of struggles defensively this year, but he continues to work. He has been watching movies [assistant coach] Sam [Cassell]. I think it is probably tonight. .. For him, it was the best defensive night of the season. Really proud of him. “

Tobias Harris (Tobias Harris) recovered from the tragic game with 24 points in the fifth game of the victory, and he praised Maxi for providing a boost “the moment he participated in the game.”

“He was just playing with that, basically, the freedom there,” Harris said. “He is not afraid of this moment, and he is not shy at all. When he is in his position, it just gives us a lot of energy. It helps us. He is the spark of the whole game.”

In addition to the performance of Curry and Maxi, the 76ers also need Embiid and Simmons to contribute much more in the series finals than they did in the sixth game. However, in the playoffs, even the most top-heavy team needs unlikely heroes to provide these “great impetus.”

On Friday night, it was Curry and Maxi who put on the cloak.

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