Wild celebration: Hungary scored in the European Cup against France and entered the junk reporters table

This will be one of the important moments of the European Cup in 2021. For an innocent reporter who is just doing her own thing on the sidelines, this will be a story she will tell for many years.

Hungary scored the first goal in the 1-1 draw with Group F in Budapest, shocking the defending champion France when left-wing winger Attila Fiora unexpectedly rushed into the penalty area before halftime. Take home the opener.

The 60,000 sold-out crowd in Budapest went crazy, and Fiola was obviously attracted by the mood of the time and celebrated in a wild and completely unnecessary way.

Fiola jumped over the floor to get as close as possible to the avid fans, but he encountered a reporter’s workstation and went on to destroy the things of the reporter sitting on the table.

At first she was taken aback by the whole episode, but as other Hungarian players besieged Fiora, she understood what had happened, and a big smile finally passed over her face. Watch the wonderful moments here:

The reporter is very likely to become famous overnight in Hungary, especially if the 37th-ranked team in the world can make it. Her response definitely won Twitter:

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