Marc Andre Fleury’s post-net turnover allowed the Canadians to face the Golden Cavaliers in Game 3

Mark Andre Fleury has two minutes left to support the Golden Cavaliers in the third win over the Canadians in the Stanley Cup semifinals. Then he tried to play behind his net.

He failed. bad.

Fleury’s error caused the puck to land on Josh Anderson’s stick, and Anderson quickly backhanded the ball into the empty net and scored the equalizer goal. The team played overtime in Montreal on Friday.

Anderson scored again at 12:53 in overtime, allowing Montreal to win 3-2 and lead 2-1.

Vegas beat Montreal 40-21 in the regular season (leading 45-27 in this game), but Fleury’s opponent Kyrie Price kept his team in the game, like Alex Tuqi stopped the ball with such a twist.

Price’s performance allowed Habu to tie the opponent in the last few minutes, and then Fleury handed the ball to them. Montreal also put pressure in the last few seconds, and Fleury had to make a violent save before the bell rang in the third quarter.

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This year, Fleury started 15 of the 16 playoff games in Vegas. On Friday, he entered Friday with an average of 1.92 goals and a playoff save rate of 0.923.

The winner of the Las Vegas-Montreal semi-final will advance to the Stanley Cup final.

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