The reporter used the waffle house marathon to pay the price for the failure of fantasy football, which eventually went viral

A newspaper reporter, fantasy football and waffle house. Of course, all the elements of a viral story.

On Thursday afternoon, Lee Sanderlin of Clarion-Ledger of Jackson, Mississippi introduced the combination to the world. He chose this day to confess that he ranked first in the league last season. It’s even more interesting if we let his tweet explain what he has to do:

Yes, that’s a whole calendar day for a waffle house, minus the time he can erase by eating a plate-sized waffle.

Let’s put it this way, he hit the wall very early.

As Sanderlin’s feelings of discomfort grew (one of his Twitter updates was because he traveled in the bushes outside the restaurant late at night, um, was sick), the number of online viewers also increased. By early Friday, the whole world was paying attention.

The commitment to bits is absolute.

Even one of the waffles jumped on Twitter.

So, is Sanderling (whose Twitter profile shows an Ivy League relationship (Colombia)) the bottom of a shark-filled league? Based on the lineup for week 8, we have to say no.

Finally, at 7:37 am Eastern Time, Sanderling completed the challenge. He completed his goal of eating nine waffles and spent 15 hours in the restaurant.

What do you say at the waffle house? Once this brave reporter/fantasy laggard’s stomach can bear it, will he eat for free?

Update: Sanderling finished the marathon with Waffles 8 and 9 on Friday morning.

If you want his public account of the whole ordeal, then click here.

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