Mexican fans are banned for homophobic slogans, but officials worry that continued use of slander may make the situation worse

There are public service announcements, public requests, threats, fines, expulsions, and competitions are interrupted by warnings prohibiting continued action.

Those involved in and in charge of world football, especially Mexican football, used almost all available equipment to prevent fans of the Mexican men’s national team from shouting offensive slogans, which continued with almost every opponent’s goal. Up to twenty years.

Given that all these devices have shown minimal impact in recent years, it has become clear that only two methods have the necessary weight to suppress the homophobic spells that must be eliminated.

  1. The team is prohibited from participating in important matches. (Yes, that important game). This will be the last resort. It is obviously unfair to players and coaches who have not participated in misconduct. Many of them openly oppose it.
  2. Fans are prohibited from watching important games.

It may have taken FIFA too long to impose this punishment, but at least when they finally reach this leverage, they don’t seem to be doing it for some meaningless friendships. Mexico will play against Jamaica on September 2 and Canada on October 7 in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has imposed a fine of 60,000 Swiss francs on the Football Association of Mexico (FMF) and ordered Mexican fans to play against the Dominican Republic and the United States in the Olympic Football Championship qualifiers in Guarda on March 18 and 24, 2021, respectively. Lahala played the game. — FIFA Statement

When El Tri played 4 of the 14 matches in qualifying, they would never have played a game in front of a large and noisy crowd that helped other balls in Central and North America and the Caribbean. The team faces such a huge challenge.

This is the result of it, because this is the only way to stop it. At least two games will not have homophobic slogans, and perhaps the news will be regarded as the result.

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Federacion Mexicana de Futbol knows that this will end on Thursday and has arranged a press conference outside Mexico City, where journalists from outside the area can also conduct interviews via virtual video conferences. The tone used by FMF chairman Yon de Luisa and head coach Tata Martino shows that they recognize that if item 2 has been implemented, item 1 may follow.

“Therefore, in the name of the Mexican Football Association, in the name of all our national teams and the clubs belonging to each of our departments, but most importantly, in the name of all the fans who want to see our national team participate in the next game of the Qatar World Cup. . Let’s stop. Let’s stop now, please,” De Luisa said while reading a prepared statement. “P *** slogan, apart from being discriminatory and far from treating us as our great fans, it also keeps us away from our national team. For some people who think it’s interesting, I’m here to tell you today This is not the case. Because you keep the fans away from the stadium. It keeps us away from our national team. Please, let us stop. Let us stop now.

“I repeat, we have a lot to do. We cannot let these sanctions continue to accumulate. Today, we see the first important sanctions, and the situation may get worse.”

For Martino, the possibility that fans may not be the only group excluded from the stadium is obvious.

“We cannot participate in the qualifiers together, and we may even lose all important matches in international competitions. [things] This is in front of us,” he told reporters. “I think the fans have brought such a huge support, the players also feel the support of the fans, and ask them to pay attention to the national team, our players and when the national team fans support their ball. The support they felt when they were in the team.

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“We are really worried, we are all expressing it. We are worried about what is going to happen and the sanctions we may suffer, fundamentally, because we don’t want to stay away from our fans. I think any national team that wants to do important things It all depends on the support of its football players, teams and fans. I invite people to reflect on this and invite them to pay attention and specifically support the Mexican national team.”

Prior to the North American and Caribbean Nations League game in Denver earlier this month, officials from the regional federation warned fans that the continued use of slogans would result in a three-step process, starting with the interruption of the game and possibly continuing until the game was interrupted. competition is over. being abandoned. Mexico’s two games against Costa Rica in the semifinals and the United States in the championship match were suspended after hearing the slogan.

However, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee is actually responding to the Olympic qualifiers in Guadalajara with the Dominican Republic and the United States in March. The committee is also investigating a similar incident that occurred in May, when Mexico played a friendly match with Iceland. Held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. FIFA has not yet clearly stated to the federation what approach it might take to the problems in the League of Central American and Caribbean Nations matches. De Luisa said that even La Liga MX and its clubs may be affected by this issue.

FMF showed a series of public service videos, two of which featured members of El Tri to express their commitment to removing this slander from the atmosphere around the national team game.

“Ninety minutes of a football game. Ninety minutes to support our team. That’s why we are in the stadium,” said the narrator of a video. “The discriminatory slogan is a thing of the past because it is no longer part of our values ​​as a country. Our identity is our national team. Let us stop chanting that word so we can say more.”

This has been a problem for FMF for a long time, although some authorities in the past have tried to treat carols as a translation issue rather than a slander.

F Penalty Threats in the 2014 World Cup, According to the London newspaper The Telegraph. The federation was fined five times by FIFA in 2016.

De Luisa, who has served as the head of the Mexican Confederation since 2018, said that he has been committed to eliminating “any discriminatory behavior” “from day one.” The video shown on Friday is not the first. De Luisa pointed out that last week Mexico’s open campaign before the friendly match between Atlanta and Honduras worked so well that 70,000 people (pictured below) did not spark the controversy.

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The FMF does not seem to be eager to admit that the “official matches” mentioned in the FIFA sanctions refer to the home World Cup qualifiers of the adult men’s team. De Luisa said the Federation will follow up with FIFA. If they get any other answers, it will be shocking.

Obviously, the Mexican Federation knows this, anyway. Because in their Friday speeches and in their speeches throughout, the obvious concern was directed at El Tri.

“We must think that we can change this. I think we have achieved a lot in the past two years, and with the help of the media, North American and Caribbean football clubs and clubs, and most of the fans, we have understood that we have committed these discriminations. Sex will not do us any good,” De Luisa said. “Just in the last few days, in a stadium with 70,000 fans like Atlanta, no one shouted. This is a good example of what we can do.

“So I think the way we go is very important. We just need to close the last details. These last people still don’t believe that the hymn is discriminatory. They think it’s funny. We all convinced them that it’s not the case. Today’s Today, it has affected us. The movement will continue. Let me say it again: I don’t think they have failed. They have not yet completed all the search for influence that has brought us. This fills us with deep sadness and deep concern… …So we cannot give up this path.

“This will continue, and all efforts will continue until we succeed in changing this.”

Failure is not an option. Because everyone in the El Tri family knows what the consequences might be. Maybe people who like this team will understand.

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