Justin Fields of the Bears explained the relationship with Andy Dalton: He “completely put me under his wings”

The Bears may have some uncertainty in the quarterback position this offseason, but this has not stopped their quarterbacks from uniting.

In particular, Andy Dalton and Justin Fields seem to have a good relationship with the veteran and ex-Bengali. He is a great mentor to the first-round rookies.

“I learned a lot [from Dalton],” Fields said, every Jeff Dixon of ESPN“I mean, he talked a lot with me. I actually went to dinner with him and his wife. I mean, Andy and Nick [Foles], They are awesome, maybe bigger than you know.

“Andy just brought me completely under his protection. Any questions I have about him, he will answer, even if I am pitching. I think one day after OTA, I throw extra balls after training, and he But he didn’t attend specifically to see what I did wrong. He just wanted to help me.”

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It’s no surprise to see Dalton as the leader and mentor of the Bears. He is currently the favorite of the Bears’ starting quarterbacks. Head coach Matt Nagy confirmed that the plan is for Dalton to sign a one-year, $10 million contract with the Bears during the offseason instead of Phil. And Falls.

But being labeled as a substitute before his rookie season did not bother Fields. In fact, due to his past experience in similar locations, he knows exactly how to respond.

“I have encountered such a situation [entering the season as a backup] Before, what I did was to get better,” Fields said. “So I think you can control what you can control, work with a positive attitude and an attitude that wants to be better every day, and then just Did not stop you. I think when that time comes, when I get the opportunity, I just want to be ready for that moment. “

Of course, Fields is referring to his time in Georgia, when he was Jack Fromm’s backup as a real freshman. Before moving to Ohio State University and leading the Buckeyes back to back in the college football playoffs, he had limited performance in 12 games.

It’s unclear how long Chicago will trust Dalton as a starter, or when they might be willing to move to the 11th pick they traded for.

Either way, Fields supports the plan. He uses his time as a substitute to improve and adapt to the NFL.

“If I don’t believe it, it won’t succeed,” Fields said. “My job is strictly [to] Be better, become the best quarterback I can be, and hope my team wins. This is what I want to do. Whether it is starting or sitting down, I will do anything that can help us win. “

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